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(Lifetime Access)

This course includes Lifetime access to the whole Yoga for Menopause program, including:

  •  Crucial, candid conversations on video and in an interactive manual to educate and validate you about all stages of menopause.
  • 20+  Yoga For Menopause wellness practices, all under 30 minutes, including:
  • Short, effective, rejuvenating breath techniques to cool hot flashes, release sudden anger and irritation, and refocus a foggy brain.
  • Creative, flowing, freeing Yoga for Menopause body-strengthening, mind centering yoga classes for Brain Fog, Metabolism Boost, New Strength, Better Sleep, and more!
  • Joint-safer, invigorating, energizing  High Intensity Interval Training and Resistance Training sessions for optimizing cardio and strength – specifically for females over 40.
  • Soothing, calming, restorative signature Yin Yoga and Somatic Flexibility sequences to release years of tension from your muscles and create more freedom in your joints!
  • Focusing, clarifying and balancing audio meditations for Insomnia and Better Sleep.

The Bonuses:

BONUS 1. A Yoga for Menopause Symptom Checklist: Discover all the various aspects of body, mind, and energy that could be caused by the stages of Menopause. So enlightening!
BONUS 2. The Self Advocacy Assistant: How to talk to your doctor, which menopause experts to seek out, and resources for continued medical and wellness support.
BONUS 3. The Symptom Tracker: A mind-blowing calendar that will help you overview your symptoms for one month – crucial to show your doctors and experts!

Can You Relate?

Are you over 40 and notice any of the following:
  • You’re tired, much of the time – and you don’t think it’s just because of your lifestyle.
  • You find yourself unable to think straight, remember why you walked into a room, and it’s harder to stay as clear and capable as you know you are?
  • You’re more often hit with overwhelming emotions like anger, irritation, sadness or frustration, seemingly without a cause?
  • You’re working out harder or longer without seeing the results you did in your 30’s?
  • Your body has changed in ways that your diet and exercise routine don’t seem to affect?
  • Your periods have stopped or changed from how they used to be in timing, duration, or severity?
This may indicate that you are in peri menopause or menopause, and you don’t have to simply suffer through it!
Most females aren’t properly educated about the cycles we go through, usually over the age of 40, but sometimes even earlier! When does menopause start – and does it ever end? Not really.
Half of the population goes through this experience, yet so many women still feel helpless, clueless, and unsupported when it comes to understanding the changes and improving upon the symptoms they are experiencing.

Survivors guide for active women, age 40-60+, who wants to take control of their own health during and after menopause.

Don’t worry - we've got you!

In this course, you’ll get a full spectrum holistic wellness, fitness, and education program that you’ll use for a lifetime to advocate better for your health, ease your symptoms, stay strong and fit, and feel your very best – yes – even through menopause and beyond!
Join Karin and Sadie, two menopause and wellness/fitness experts as we answer some of the most common questions and give you the path forward to live your life to the fullest and rock the new you!


… taking control of your own health and wellbeing. Being able to embrace the change with your new knowledge!
… getting your groove back! Feeling like yourself again ( – You are not going crazy you are just going through the changes.)
… finding a fun, effective and mindful way to work out in less time, getting more benefits, strengthening bones and muscles and building body that will support you through out the rest of your life!
… feeling balanced, invigorated, strong and confident!
I’m Sadie
A lifelong yoga and fitness teacher, and a total anatomy nerd. 
I’m Harvard – certified in anatomy,  Stanford-certified in exercise physiology, the founder of  The Somatic Flexibility Technique®, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga®, an anatomy-enhanced yoga style, and The Yoga Shred®, a joint-safer HIIT + Yoga fitness style . 
After a severe spinal injury in my teens, I made it my mission to empower people of all ages and abilities to find their physical and emotional strength, resilience and freedom again. 
And now, approaching 50, I’m on a journey of discovery around peri-menopause into menopause. I want to offer all my training and tools in service of fierce females everywhere to help us all find balance, support, and purpose as we move through – and rock –  these stages of our lives.
I am a digital wellness instruction course creator, leader of the Fit & Fierce Club online Yoga & Yoga Shred HIIT studio, the lead singer in my band Sadie & The Tribe – and proud mom of three kitties, Bowie, Freddie, and Annie!
I’m Karin,
Music has always been my life, I started doing yoga in my early 20 and since then I have combined both through out life and my carrier. For as long as I can remember I have struggled with my weight and my body but in my early 40s I finally  made up with my body issues  and got over the chase of being skinny and always being on some kind of diet. I found a way of living where I could balance all the good stuff I love with workouts that worked and was for the first time happy and satisfied with my body.
At 46 years old,  I started to feel different. My body wasn’t responding to workouts the way it used to. I kept gaining weight, I started to feel low and lost my energy. I kept powering through because that’s who I am. I get stuff done, I deliver and I usually thrive doing so. But something felt ”off” I wasn’t sleeping well and I lost my temper for no reason. I searched for help but was told to go home and try to work on my sleep routine, eat less calories and work out harder. But nothing I tired made me feel better.
Finally I started to research menopause and realized there was so much I didn’t know. I became a certified ”Strong through Menopause” Coach and learned how to advocate for myself and girl, did I! Getting the right bio-identical hormones was a game changer. From day 2 I felt like myself again and I feel exited about life!
This online course is so important to me because I hear women talk about their peri menopause symptoms all the time – feeling completely lost and alone. That should NOT be the case. My wish for you is that you too should feel your best and rock any stage of menopause and I believe this course can help you to do so! 

What people are saying:

Thank you for creating this course – it has literally changed my body – and my life! Such an eye opener. 
 – Marie, 45


I searched for help several times but never felt like my doctor heard or understood me. This time I came prepared and I feel like I have gotten my life back!
– Linda, 52


 I thought menopause was something I just had to power through. Now I sleep like a baby, have new energy and I love working out in ways my body loves too! 
– Sheila, 56


I’m so happy that I found your course. I can not believe what a difference it made for me on so many levels. Leraning and understanding my body, being able to advocate for my health (and sanity ha ha) feeling good about myself again! THANK YOU!!!                                                                                                                              – Kelly, 47


How it works:

  • As soon as you sign up you’ll begin learning. You can start binge watching all the content and reviewing the manuals that will give you an even deeper understanding of the changes in your body during the peri-menopause, menopause and post menopause years
  • You’ll have instant access to mindful wellness classes all uniquely created for this course, for specific needs and symptoms and you can pick and chose in any order you like!
  • This course gives you a lot of freedom. You can return at any time, print them manuals and the symptom track list to help you gain clarity and understand the changes in your body.
  • Feel energetic, focused, clear and strong again!
  • Have a surefire yoga and fitness program that keeps you fit and toned, and make your metabolism more and more effective as you age.
  • Become empowered to optimize all the decades of your life after 40 – including menopause!
  • Master your stress levels, and keep yourself centered and capable for a lifetime.
  • Actually fall in love with your new amazing body and learn to care for it optimally as it changes.
  • Gain the confidence to rock any stage of your life moving forward!


A one time payment of $197 (and you keep the videos forever!)
We can’t wait to see you rock your age – at any stage!
Sadie & Karin


We are not doctors or medical experts. The intention with this course is to create awareness so that you can consult your doctor and get the help you need to rock who you are though out your life, at any age!
You should ALWAYS consult your doctor before starting any medical treatment.  If you are not happy with your doctors plan/suggestions. Switch doctor. You deserve to be heard and feel good!

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