Yin Yoga Teacher Training
All Online - with Karin Thyr Eriksson

Can You Relate?

  • Are you an already certified teacher (in any style of yoga) wanting to offer a softer, more gentle and restorative practice for your students?
  • Do you want to offer yoga based on anatomy so that you can lead your students without the risk of injury or over stretching.
  • Do you wish to feel more inspired?
  • Do you want to offer your students guided meditations that fit with your class theme?
  • Are you looking for ways to combine a more gentle restorative practice with some movement?

This gentle and dynamic approach to yin yoga in combination with slow movement to release tension in both body and mind creates a whole new experience!

What's included:

  • CEC Credits! This course counts for 30 h CECs through Yoga Alliance US/UK
  • Lifetime access. Do the course in your own timing; there is no time limit to complete.
  • Video-led information you can instantly start incorporating into your classes
  • Printable manuals and handouts filled with information that you can study on your own time
  • 10 Yin Yoga classes for you to experience and bring you deeper into your own practice plus bonus classes added continuously to the library and resources section
  • Chakra overview
  • Meridians overview
  • The five elements overview
  • 5 guided meditations for you to use and/or get inspired by when creating your own classes
  • 5 prepared sequences classes to start you off
  • Yin Yoga Background & History
  • A deep dive in to this gentle approach to yin yoga and a 3 step guide how to safely guide your students in and out of the poses.
  • Practical and useful Anatomy and Movement knowledge.
  • Deepen your roll as a teachers. Find clarity on what you want to offer your students and what kind of experience you want to create for them.
  • A Pose Library (videos) of 30+ Yin Yoga poses in this style of Yin Yoga. Taught in real time through the 3 steps and a written manual how to guide your students through the 3 steps
  • Ability to connect to your teacher through email to ask questions though out your journey.

Plus these bonuses:

Bonus 1: A mindmap including all the poses. How to guide your students.
Bonus 2: Already planned classes with suggested themes and poses. You can start teaching right away!
Bonus 3: Unique meditations written by  Karin Thyr Eriksson that you are free to use during your classes if you wish.
All this makes it possible to start implicating your new found knowledge instantly and feel completely safe and supported doing so!


…feeling confident in your roll as a teacher.
…arriving prepared and inspired to class.
…being able to offer your students a gentle, soft way of practicing that will support them both on and off the mat.
For many years I practiced a tougher style of yoga. It almost broke my body. All the time I felet instinctively that something was wrong but I kept at it as I was told “practice and all is coming “. Well it never did and I started to search for explanations to my pain and landed in Anatomy. Thats how I ran in to Sadie the first time and after practicing with here I knew I wanted to teach her style of yoga. Now I’m one of her Master Teachers and with that as a background I started to explore yin yoga. It wasn’t long before I realized I could not practice or teach in the style that was expected. I needed to implicate my anatomy knowledge and thats why I decided to create this teacher training and this approach to yinyoga.

What people are saying:

“I loved the clarity of guidance provided to help me to plan my own sequences yet still inspiring me to be creative and put my own mark on each class. For my students, I look forward to bringing them greater stillness and inner peace through the magic of yin yoga.”



“This was a perfect enhancement to my trainings. Not only did I learn a lot, I feel more confident to teach this style. I’ve already started adding elements of this training into my gentle class. I also love the emphasis on being present and the reminder to soften.”



How it works:

  • As soon as you sign up you’ll begin learning. You can start binge watching all the content and implementing the techniques to create an experience for your students. You’ll get full access to all the material as  soon as you enroll. 
  • This online training gives you a lot of freedom. You can work at your own pace. And you’ll have access to email Karin if any question arise though the course.

You deserve...

  • To feel confident when teaching!
  • To have a broader skillset to seamlessly blend a soft yin practice with a stronger yang practice  in a holistic way for your students.
  • To feel excited and inspired to teach because you are offering something unique for your students.
  • A full 30h Yin Yoga Certification
  • 30h In Person CEC Credits through Yoga Alliance (even though it’s online)!
  • The 3 steps – how to safely guide your students in to every pose.
  • Understand why pulling back sometimes means that you actually can go deeper and why it’s not safe to overstretch.
  • 30+ Yin Yoga poses and variations and modifications
  • How to professionally teach Yin Yoga classes with confidence
  • How to create sequences based on a theme
  • What is Yin Yoga?
  • Why should we practice Yin Yoga?
  • Benefits and effects of Yin Yoga
  • Learn more about Fascia
  • Practical Anatomy
  • Pranayama Overview
  • How to teach with confidence: tips on what makes a yoga class a unique experience that your students will love
  • A new softer approach to Yin Yoga and how to actually go deeper through backing off
  • You’re ready to take your teaching to a more lucrative, unique and in-demand place. 
  • You want to level up your own fitness and that of your clients. 
  • You’re interested in being more free financially as your classes get more popular.
  • You’ve been intrigued by adding some fitness-focused moves to your classes, but want to keep it fresh, mindful, and nurturing.  
  • Are a certified yoga teachers or fitness instructor wanting to deepen your own practice and move forward towards to infuse a gentler practice to your style of teaching.
  • Are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your body?
  • Want to develop tools that nourish your body and mind?
  • Want to feel confident as a teacher and offer a safe practice for your students?


A one time payment of $349 (and you keep the Certification forever!)
No hidden fees or yearly payments to continue.
I can’t wait to see you in the training!



Q: How much time commitment does this course require?

A: As much or as little time as you want to spend. The training is self-guided and you have access to it forever. No time limit to complete! Once you learn the 3 steps on how to guide your students and a few of the poses you can try it out in your very next class!

Q: How to I get certified?

This training is Yoga Alliance approved and you can earn 30 CEC
If you already are a certified 200h yoga teacher, you will get fully certified after completing the training, passing the test and sending in a certificate confirming your previous training, along with a 200 word reflection on what you learned from this training and what you will bring with you into your continuing practice.
If you don’t have a previous 200h yoga teacher training you can still get certified by sending in a video for review. (Certification cost: $49)

Q: Does taking this training guarantee me a   Yin Yoga Certification?

A: After finishing the training you take an online test. This is to insure that you have gone though the material. After that you submit your 200 word reflection and you  will hear from Karin shortly after. If you send in a video for review you will get feed back from one of our Master Teachers. You also have the opportunity to re-submit if needed.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Once you have purchased this training, you gain access to all the information and intellectual property Karin created. Since you can include the knowledge in your classes even if you don’t complete the Certification, and as we live in an online world where information can easily be shared, you agree that this training is non-refundable except in rare cases, at Karins sole discretion. Please write us at Info@FitFierceClub.com to request a refund.

Q: Do I have to be an already Certified teacher to take this training or does this certify me to begin teaching?

A: Anyone can take this training for their own knowledge, but in order to become fully Certified, you must have already completed an in-person yoga teacher training  of some sort. OR you may submit a video for review.

Q: Is there a time limit to complete the training?

A: You can start and work through your training any time you want!

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