End Your Year & Start 2023 Fierce & Chill!
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The Yoga Chillout Sessions
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This 2 course bundle presale is a health & fitness must-have as you move into the new year!

These brand new sister courses: The Yoga Workout & The Yoga Chillout, are the perfect compliment to one another. They work out and stretch out your whole body to bring you more strength and de-stressing, cardio and calm, fierce fitness and flexibility – all in less time.

All sessions are short & highly effective 15-20 minutes. Every class on these courses is exclusive – you won’t find them anywhere else!

Move into 2023 strong, open, refreshed, and centered!

In the Yoga Chillout Course, you’ll get:

Practices that melt your tension and stress, and use proven scientific techniques to release muscle tightness and pain, and get you much more flexible – in less time!

Classes Include:

3 x 15 Minute Slow Flow Yoga Sessions for Grounding and Energy Refresh:

Peaceful Warrior Flow for Deep Leg & Hip Stretch
Temple Dancer Flow for Arm, Chest & Upper Back Stretch
Core Connection Flow for Centering & Core Body Stretch

3 x 15 Minute Total Restorative Yoga Sessions for Total Body Rejuvenation:

Languid Legs Mat Melt: Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Outer & Inner Thigh Tension &  Energy Release
Open Arms Mat Melt: Chest, Upper Back, Arms, Shoulders & Neck Tension & Energy Release
Hip Honey Mat Melt: Hips, Glutes, Belly & Low Back Tension & Energy Release

3 x 15 Minute Somatic Flexibility Sessions for Lasting Stretch & Tension Release:

Lower Body Somatic Release: Total Flexibility for Tight Legs, Thighs, Hips
Upper Body Somatic Release: Total Flexibility for Chest, Upper Back, Arms, Shoulders & Neck
Deep Core Body Somatic Release: Total Flexibility for Hips, Low Back, Abs & Hip Flexors



A 30 Minute Yoga Workout / Yoga Chillout Session for Warrior Strength & Hip Tension Melt.

A Quick Anxiety Relief Breath for Tense Times.

A Binaural Beats Sound Meditation for Better Sleep – Tonight.

All great for beginners and up! Some yoga experience recommended.

In the Yoga Workout Course, you’ll get:

Practices that lovingly challenge you, build strength, muscle definition and cardio power, and use proven scientific techniques to get you next-level fit, energized, and empowered – in less time!

Classes Include:

3 x 15 Minute Strong Core Strength Flow Yoga Sessions for Empowered Endurance:

Warrior Nature Flow for Feet, Ankle, Leg, Thigh and Glutes Strength & Balance

Body Is A Temple Flow for Upper Body, Arms & Core Strength & Expression

Core Confidence Flow for A Strong Deep Core Body & Abs


3 x 15 Minute Yoga Shred High Integrity Interval Training (HIIT) for Muscle Sculpt, Cardio & Calorie Burn

Be The Warrior Shred for Low Body Sculpt & Cardio

Temple Fire Shred for Epic Arm, Chest & Upper Back Strength & Definition

Empower Your Core for a Strong, Open, Deep Core and Abs


3 x 15 Minute Yoga/Shred Fusion Flows for A Whole Body Workout:

The Fierce Flow for Cardio Sweat

Kickin’ Asana Flow for Stress Release & Stamina

A Whole New World Flow for A Total Body Strength Transformation



30 Minute Workout / Chillout Session for Warrior Strength & Hip Tension Melt.

An Instant Confidence & Energy-Boosting Breath Meditation.

A Binaural Beats Sound Meditation for Motivation & Clarity.

Hurry! This lovely presale price ends when the course is released Dec 2 so make sure to grab these two incredible – and incredibly efficient – courses now.

You can keep them and have unlimited access forever. This is a precious resource for when you get busy, and yet want to keep steadily evolving your fitness, yoga, and flexibility. There’s no better time than the turn of a new year to get back on track in a whole – and holistic – new way!

See you on the mat,

What people are saying:


I did one of each class (a fierce one, then a chill one) most days this week – and it’s unbelievable how much stronger and more flexible my body is already! This is some straight up magic, I think – because I’ve been doing a longer yoga and weight routine for years – and I’ve never felt – or looked – like this! Thank you!!


Sadie, after a few sessions of your programs, I can already see my triceps (been trying to reveal them for a loooonng time) and I don’t feel my nagging lower back pain! You’re a miracle worker!


The fact that I can get stronger and stretchier in under 20 minutes a day blows my mind – but it’s happening! All my strength plateaus – busted!! And I can touch my toes after 15 years of trying – not kidding. This stuff works, people – and it’s fun, too!


Sadie plus exercise science for the win! I feel amazing, and the short sessions make it a breeze to motivate and get in the movement. HIGHLY recommend these two programs. They are innovative and creative – and they work!!


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