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Learn what you weren’t taught in your original trainings — the deeper, creative and effective new knowledge that will help you rise above the rest and become a next-level teacher, too.

This Training is perfect for: currently certified Yoga, Fitness, or Movement Instructors of any style AND/OR those who might become a teacher in the future! It’s also a lovely resource to have (and practice with) for dedicated yoga students to learn how to keep yourself stronger & more safe in class and at home.. 

Grow your classes & increase your professional knowledge in your own time.

Here’s how:

This course gives you all the tools you’ll need to become more than just another instructor. You can do this self-guided training in your own time, and apply concepts and cues immediately into your classes as you learn. You’ll have forever access, too!

Have Sadie’s older trainings from years ago? This replaces all of them, as the information here is entirely updated and enhanced.

Take this course, and double or triple your class sizes, like so many of those taking this course already have. Read on for more details!

Specifically this course will teach you:

The Myofascial Core Body Map

A (muscle-fascia) whole body core which is the only area built to decompress the joints and give you ultimate power and lightness in all your yoga asanas—but most people have never heard of it. Now you will—and it will give you an edge in your teaching.

What Is The True Core

Overview of the most important area of the “core” that 99% of yoga teachers don’t know about—or don’t know how to cue properly. Hint: it’s got almost nothing to do with the abs. And if you cue from the “belly” or “navel” or “tucking the tailbone”…you could be hurting people.

Anatomy of Conscious Movement®

An actually useful and instantly applicable blueprint that we call The Four Foundations of all great yoga cueing.  This is not just knowing the muscles and joints: it’s knowing what you most need to know: how to look at the body in movement and understand exactly what’s happening in every pose—and what must happen before you speak to your students to effect the most safety and strength for them—they will notice—and love it.

The Four Foundations Deeper Dive

We travel through each of the Four Foundations to train you how to understand and teach in order through each area of the body in ways that effect the most results for your students. This is incredible knowledge that distills a decade of anatomy, biomechanics and physics knowledge down into a few simple concepts you can use to rock your students’ worlds.

The Clear Cueing Guide

We train you how to make easy shifts in your language and order of cues that will create large and positive transformations in your students in every class. You can use this order in any pose, and it will work—when you understand the WHY of cueing, you will become an expert at the HOW of putting it into every class.

Authenticity For Yoga Teachers

Sadie is one of the world’s most recognizable instructors, and has presented with Yoga Journal, Wanderlust, CanFitPro, BOLD, IDEA, and many more conferences around the world. She’s created a guide for how you, too, can discover what makes you unique, and why your students will flock back to you again and again.

A Transition Revolution

This training does not take your favorite style away. It adds to it, enhancing who and what you already are—and will reorient you from one of the biggest pitfalls most teachers fall into: they focus too much on getting students into the poses, and then begin the pose cues. In fact, anatomy tells us that 90% of your cues should be done in the transitions from the ground into the pose, and from pose to the next pose, NOT once you already have them up in the final shape. This alone will revolutionize how you teach, and how your students feel (much better) in all their asanas.

What’s Included? Simplified, powerful knowledge in the areas most yoga teachers need to develop:

  • New Functional Anatomy
  • More Clear Cueing For Strength & Safety
  • Authenticity & Uniqueness To Become More YOU In Class
  • Structured Sequencing That Rocks
  • The Ongoing Inspiration to become a magnetic teacher who teaches your best ever classes…EVERY time!
  • Hours of mindfully instructed and creative yoga classes with Sadie and her master trainers to inspire and inform you.
  • A Pose Library to show you exactly how to transitionally cue all the most common yoga poses.
  • 40 CEC Credits through Yoga Alliance!
  • A Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga® -Inspired Certificate of Completion you can add to your trainings.
  • Call yourself Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga-Inspired if you like—or just freely use this information to boost your teaching!
  • Modification and Joint Safety Training to deal with students who need additional care.
  • The Ground Reaction Force “Yoga of Physics” instruction. You’ll love knowing that when it comes to your poses—Mother Nature is helping you out!
  • Sequencing Your Best Classes, Every Time Template
  • Marketing & Social Media Mastery Training —to help you let more people know where you are!
  • Creative Sequencing —more ideas, and guidance on how to put more of YOU into your classes.
  • Ethics Guidelines: Becoming The Teacher—instead of just another instructor.
    Training Manuals for each section you can read.
  • Video Tutorial Guidance For Each Section—we also lead you through every section via video.
  • Access to Sadie’s Rockin’ Facebook Group, where you can ask questions and get ongoing guidance from Sadie and her Master Trainers Karin, Alyson and Anya!
  • A head start to a first time 200 or 300 hour training: If you might become a teacher one day, of any style, this is an excellent foundation–you will know more than sometimes your trainers will!
  • PS: If you are already considering an in-person Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga® Certification with one of my Master Trainers, this is a prerequisite.

Here’s one of many reviews we’ve gotten:

“I’ve taken tons, and I mean SO MANY teacher trainings-from major teachers all over the world. I was always frustrated by the anatomy that seemed hard to actually cue, and the conflicting information I learned about this or that style. Which one is “right?” Well now I know—what’s “right” is beyond any one style, yet can include them all. This feels like secret knowledge that all the “cool yogis” know—and now I do, too!

And all those hours and thousands of dollars of training? I learned more from Sadie’s one online course than I did in all of them combined. Her ability to translate the complex concepts that most big teachers seem to know seems effortless—though I know it’s not—and it makes it easy for me to instantly become a more impactful, sought-after teacher in my community—which gets more competitive by the day. 

My studio and personal classes have grown by leaps since I started adding this info to my style. I didn’t lose my way of teaching—I just made it shine. 

I have never met Sadie—I did this at home—but if I do, she’s getting a huge hug from me!”  

~Maria, Yoga studio owner and instructor. Author of the bestselling book Yoga Anatomy and renowned yoga, anatomy and movement expert

About Sadie Nardini

Sadie Nardini, E-RYT 500, YACEP Provider, is the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga®, a safer, stronger anatomy-enhanced flowing yoga style. She also created the Yoga Shred®, a popular cross-training HIIT + Yoga fusion for yogis — or anyone — to get fit, faster.

Sadie offers quality online trainings for wellness pros and personal fitness/transformation courses.

She is regularly featured in media such as Glamour, Fitness, Self Magazine, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, New York Times, Yoga Journal, Whole Living and more.

Sadie is the lead singer for the rock band, Sadie & The Tribe.

She lives and works in Santa Barbara, California.

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