Yoga Shred® Teacher Training Certification
All Online – with Sadie Nardini

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Can You Relate?

  • You are so beyond ready to come to your yoga class and see it 100% full of happy, excited students! 
  • You want to count on this happening every time to build financial freedom and be given more teaching opportunities. 
  • You’re tired of losing students to the gym, fitness classes, or other, more “power” based teachers. 
  • You’d love to offer something unique from all the other yoga teachers in your community – and online. 
  • You’re not into gimmicks or cheesy fitness stuff – you want everything about your class, even more fitness to have the same conscious integrity as your yoga does.
  • You can’t wait to feel more strong and fit in your own body, as well as empower your students to do the same – whatever their levels or abilities are! 

The yoga teacher booster certification that instantly elevates
your effectiveness, uniqueness – and class sizes!

What’s included:

  • A Full Yoga Shred® Certification – At Home! You’ll join a community of teachers and support for your continued success, and you can do this training at your own pace, at your house. Start applying the information right away and watch your classes grow! 
  • Over 50+ of Sadie’s Signature Yoga Shred® HIIT Sequences that you can seamlessly add into your existing classes – or use to teach Yoga Shred®-specific classes – studios love to invite you to add these to their schedule! 
  • 20 Yoga Warm Ups and Yoga Cool Down Sequences that work well for Shred classes – or anytime, to give you and your students a boost of fresh inspiration and joint-safer yoga movement. 
  • 40 CEC Credits through Yoga Alliance for taking this training! Amazing to meet your yearly requirements while you gain such a useful skill. 
  • A Modification and Joint Safety section so you’re able to teach the Shred – and your yoga – to even more students, and make them feel welcome in the moment. This will build your classes fast.
  • The Anatomy Of Movement Training section to refresh you on your anatomy training and evolve it so you’re a next-level teacher who understands the body on a deeper level than most! 

And more that you’ll use for a lifetime to build your vibrant yoga community, including:

  • A Sequencing Your Best Classes, Every Time Template
  • The Marketing & Social Media Mastery Training
  • A Myofascial Core Meridian Training
  • A Cueing Training For More Clarity In Classes
  • Ethics Guidelines: Becoming The Teacher
  • Yoga Shred® Training Manuals
  • Video Tutorial Guidance For Each Section
  • A Personal Video Critique And Feedback
  • The Freedom To Teach This Lucrative Style!


  • Imagine being excited to show up for your class because you know it’s full of energy, and excited students who are ready to learn from you!
  • Imagine feeling a new sense of purpose and creativity around teaching – you’ll have so much fun with class planning and instructing now!
  • Imagine being asked by so many studios and workshop venues to come teach the Yoga Shred classes that you have to turn some down!
  • Imagine feeling financially secure through solely teaching the practice you love.
…a lifelong yoga student and teacher of 25 years. 
And after a few years of teaching and doing yoga at advanced levels, I noticed that I was getting stronger mentally and spiritually- but not physically. I’d hit a plateau. Plus, I tried to join my brother on a beach run one day – and I made it about 30 feet before fatiguing –  and waving him to go on ahead. I was mystified! After all, I could hold Warrior 1 forever, and I did Handstands with ease. Yet apparently, my cardio was shot! 
To find out why, I began to study exercise physiology through Stanford University and anatomy through Harvard, and realized that my beloved yoga practice was only giving me about 50% of the overall fitness benefits my body needs! 
After all, yoga alone doesn’t help with higher heart rate cardio, optimal cardio fitness, Type 2 muscle fiber activation. Cardio is the body’s ability to intake and process oxygen and produce energy, so it’s one of the foundational building blocks to health and energy! Plus, yoga poses along aren’t going to activate our muscles in ways they need to become lifted, toned, and defined – not to our full capacity. 
And if that was happening to me, it was also happening to my students. And they (and I) deserved better from the time and money spent in my classes. 
No wonder some of them left to pursue gym, dance, or fusion yoga / fitness instructors that were giving them all the results they wanted instead of just some! 
But I wanted to keep them on the yoga mat, and still offer them something around holistic fitness – something that didn’t take the mindfulness, philosophy, and integrity out of my yoga offerings. 
After a decade more of anatomy and exercise physiology study, and being hella frustrated that I couldn’t find this holistic fitness blend anywhere else, I crafted The Yoga Shred®, a High Intensity (and high integrity!) Interval Training style that compliments – not competes with – our love of yoga. 
My own body completely transformed – and my students flocked to me for more, the moment I started adding one or more of these fun and fierce (and yoga – based) moves into my existing classes. 
Now, 10 years later, I can match my younger brother step for step on a 5k, and I’m stronger than ever in my yoga practice, and life, too. 
I want you to have this same experience, as thousands of other yoga teachers have – and it’s waiting for you right here! 

What people are saying:

“Sadie Nardini is one of the very few vinyasa yoga teachers whose work I unreservedly recommend!”

-Leslie Kaminoffbestselling author of “Yoga Anatomy

Hear from the teachers:

“I was struggling to draw students to my classes. I couldn’t get the studio to give me more spots on the schedule. Well…my class size tripled after teaching one Yoga Shred® class. Now the studio is asking me to put three more classes on the schedule! Yesss!!”

– Jane


“My Yoga Shred® classes are one of the most popular classes at the gym where I teach! And you’ve created such a clear training. It was so easy to learn, and now I’m reaping the benefits. Thank you!”

– Amy


“Loving the Yoga Shred® TT course! Well-structured, Sadie, and so many sequencing possibilities… this is a great variety to my own practice and to offer my students.”

– Tanya


Hear from the students:

“I’m a runner and have incorporated these shreds in to my workouts and have seen more results than any amount of running, ever!”

– Kristi


“I would just like to say, your Yoga Shred® has changed my body. I was stuck at at plateau after I worked 60 pounds off of my three months I am now 17 pounds from losing 100. Science and determination rock!”

– Julie


“I love the Yoga Shreds!!. Honestly I think they are the best, most effective, complete and efficient targeted workouts I’ve ever done! And I’ve done ‘em all. Thank you Sadie!

– Annie

How it works:

  • As soon as you sign up you’ll begin learning. You can start binge watching all the content and implementing the HIIT moves, specific timings, and techniques so your students can  see and feel a powerful difference right away. Everything is available as soon as you enroll. 
  • You’ll have instant access to mindful fitness solutions for specific needs, themes,  and populations to help you build great sequences and target your classes to the students that are there – and the ones you want to attract! 
  • This program gives you a lot of freedom to pick and choose exactly which Shreds and variations will work best for your existing style. Get ready to become the most sought-after teacher in town!

You deserve…

  • To be free from money worries – because your classes ( and for some of you, your whole studio) are so in-demand! 
  • To get the other 50% of fitness benefits into your classes in a fun, but still yoga and breath-mindful way that both you and your students will enjoy! 
  • To rise up as a unique instructor who can give your clients the whole package: holistic fitness, including yoga, in every class – whenever you choose to. 
  • To have a broader skillset so you can decide when you’re teaching straight yoga, when you want to do only Yoga Shred® – and when you want to do a creative and seamless blend of both! 
  • To feel excited and inspired to teach every time, because you’ve got such a colorful teaching palette to paint with. 
  • To get strong and energized in your own body because of this work – which takes only a few minutes every other day to achieve! 
  • A Full Yoga Shred® Certification
  • Over 50+ of Sadie’s Signature Yoga Shred® HIIT Sequences
  • 20 Anatomy-Enhanced Yoga Warm Ups and Yoga Cool Down Sequences
  • 40 In Person CEC Credits through Yoga Alliance (even though it’s online)!
  • A Modification and Joint Safety Section
  • The Anatomy Of Movement Training
  • A Sequencing Your Best Classes, Every Time Template
  • The Marketing & Social Media Mastery Training
  • A Myofascial Core Meridian Training
  • A Cueing Training For More Clarity In Classes
  • Ethics Guidelines: Becoming The Teacher
  • Yoga Shred® Training Manuals
  • Video Tutorial Guidance For Each Section
  • A Personal Video Critique And Feedback
  • The Freedom To Teach This Lucrative Style!
  • You’re ready to take your teaching to a more lucrative, unique and in-demand place. 
  • You want to level up your own fitness and that of your clients. 
  • You’re interested in being more free financially as your classes get more popular.
  • You’ve been intrigued by adding some fitness-focused moves to your classes, but want to keep it fresh, mindful, and nurturing.  
  • Any yoga or movement teacher who wants to get more fit, toned, and strong themselves, in just minutes a day – then show their clients how they’re doing it!
  • Already certified or qualified yoga teachers and yoga studio owners who understand how the body works and want to add some effective fitness/cardio/resistance training into their existing online or in person classes.
  • Yoga teachers and studio owners who want to add Yoga Shred®-focused cardio and strength-building classes to their offerings!
  • Movement teachers of any type who want a new skill to broaden what they can bring to their classes, and studios who might want to add them onto the schedule. 
  • Trainers who wish to give their private and group fitness clients amazing whole body results – in a joint-safer and mindful way. 
  • Yoga or other instructors who wish to bring a more nurturing, efficient, yet still equally results-oriented strength and cardio training into their classes. 


A one time payment of $149 normally $349 (and you keep the Certification forever!)
No hidden fees or yearly payments to continue.
I can’t wait to help you put the power to pack your classes with happy, fit, and returning students into your hands, too. 
Let’s do this!!


Q: How much time commitment does this course require?

A: As much or as little time as you want to spend. The training is self-guided and you have access to it forever. No time limit to complete! Once you learn the foundations, language, and timing of the Yoga Shred®, you can learn a move in 5 minutes, and try it out in your very next class!

Q: I’ve thought about adding fitness stuff before but it doesn’t appeal to me as a yoga teacher. How do I know if my students will love this?

A: We’ve already trained thousands of yoga and other movement/fitness teachers in the Yoga Shred®, and we can tell you from their direct experience that they increase their class sizes right away by adding even one 4-minute Yoga Shred® move to their existing classes when they feel it’s appropriate. And the feedback they get from their students is amazing – we hear about it every single day!

I can tell you that when I began to include Shreds in some classes, and also teach some Shred-exclusive sessions, my class sizes TRIPLED. All of them – digitally and in the real world. It’s a very fast track to more abundance on all levels.

Q: High Intensity Interval Training sounds really hard and even aggressive. Is it?

A: There’s a big difference between being challenging, at the current fitness level of each of your students, and being brutal, as so much fitness is out there today. The Yoga Shred® is based on yoga always empowering, mindful, and nurturing – never overwhelming or too hard for any student. This is part of what we teach you in this program – how to speak about the practice and encourage your students to manage their own level of intensity through modifications and the ability to back off or rest whenever needed. Plus, each Shred only lasts between 2-4 minutes so most people can rock these – even in a chair!

Q: Does taking this training guarantee me full Yoga Shred® Certification?

A: After finishing the training you take an online test. This is to insure that you have gone though the material. After that you submit a video for us to review you will get feed back from one of our Master Teachers. You also have the opportunity to re-submit if needed.

You do not have to submit a video to our Master Trainers for approval unless you want to become certified and you can still teach the style in your classes to great benefit, but you cannot not call your classes YOGA SHRED unless you have passed the exam and video submission.

Q: Do I have to teach yoga in my classes or be a yoga teacher to take this training?

A: Absolutely not. The Yoga Shred workouts are 4-minute fitness moves, enhanced by anatomy and Sadie’s knowledge of biomechanics and yoga. You can teach these in any class whether or not you’re into yoga!

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Once you have purchased this training, you gain access to all the information and intellectual property Sadie created. Since you can amplify your financial success by adding in Shreds to class, even if you don’t complete the Certification, and as we live in an online world where information can easily be shared, you agree that this training is non-refundable except in rare cases, at Sadie’s sole discretion. Please write us at to request a refund.

Q: Do I have to be an already Certified teacher to take this training or does this certify me to begin teaching?

A: Anyone can take this training for their own knowledge, but in order to become fully Yoga Shred® Certified, you must have already completed an in-person teaching certification training of some sort. We ask this because we want to be sure you know how to move bodies safely and have been vetted by an in-person trainer before our online training.

Q: Is there a time limit to complete the training?

A: You can start and work through your training any time you want, but we do limit final exams and video submissions to 90 days after you complete the final part of your training. This is so we can schedule our Master Trainers to be ready to give you personal feedback and approve your Certification.

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