May 22 – Full Body Roll Out – With Alyson



Restoring Your Matrix Suit with Alyson

A Self-Care Day for Teachers & Weekend Warriors to live better in your body.

Limited to 25 participants. RSVP now!

Teachers + Yoga/Fitness Enthusiasts: Diversify your personal routine and expand your teacher toolkit with myofascial self-massage. Transform tight/weak muscles into strong/fluid fibers for “no more issues in your tissues.” Find problem areas, cultivate connection, and self-awareness. Even better than a massage!

Teachers receive Continuing Ed points or hours towards a 300hr teacher training with Alyson.

What is it? Every system in the body functions as a whole, no system functions alone. Shine light on lost, forgotten, and denied areas in your body. Unravel knit up tension, unwind physical and mental stress in the gut-brain, improve proprioception, and move through life more confidently. Expand your anatomy knowledge and apply these tools to create unique, valuable classes. A mélange of practice, theory, and personal transformation.

When: Saturday May 22
Where: Online, in the comfort of your own home.
Who: Yoga/Fitness Teachers + Dedicated Students. Learn myofascial self-massage; improve performance, posture, and pain relief; new skills for your classes; body-brain-soul connection. Teachers receive Continuing Education Points YAUS with Alyson.

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Restoring Your Matrix Suit with Alyson

Enhance performance, posture, and pain relief with Myofascial Self-Massage. Retrain your brain. Recondition your body.

What’s included:

  • 3-hour workshops with Alyson Wish: Restore your fascia system. Learn myofascial self-massage techniques to recover from poor posture, injury, misuse, physical/emotional tension, joint pain.
  • Full Body Roll Out! Gain range of motion, strength, body awareness, and improve performance in yoga, HIIT, fitness routines, and daily activities.
  • Expand Your Teacher Toolkit as we review exercises practiced in class so you will feel confident doing this on your own. Bring your Q’s about technique, personal experience, sequencing, etc!
  • Restore Body-Mind Connection: A master trainer for Sadie Nardini in CSV Yoga® and Yoga Shred®, Alyson offers 200hr/300hr YTTs, and is a Continuing Ed Provider with Yoga Alliance U.S. She shares her experience as a movement and somatic educator, contemporary dancer, yoga and fitness guide, to bridge the gap between body-brain-soul. Be blissfully and skilfully guided into physical and psychosomatic processes from your home.

 Self-Care Day Schedule: Saturday May 22 (1pm-4pm EST)

Full Body Roll Out!

  • Welcome & Orientation.
  • Restoring Your Matrix Suit (75 MIN practice): Learn three Roll Out Sequences with therapy balls designed for the Lower, Upper, and Core Body to restore structural integrity and biomechanical resilience and match your strength with flexibity. Anatomy of Fascia. Q&A.
  • Expand Your Teacher Toolkit (60 MIN Application): Bring your Q’s as we gather to review exercises, share experiences, and discuss the practice. Learn how to apply these exercises and techniques on your own body and offer clear instruction for your students too!
  • Closing Core Conversations.

 All sessions are recorded which gives you lifetime access to these practices again and again from your home—forever!

Let’s Rock N Roll it, together~ Alyson

Props: For this workshop series I recommend ordering the following props to your bag of tricks:

  • 1X 9-12 inch therapy or pilates ball, soft inflatable, pliable, for abdomen/torso.
  • I use the Coregeous Ball™ by Yoga Tune Up™, but you can use any other brand of therapy or pilates ball.
  • 2X 3-5 inch therapy ball set, grippy and more dense balls, for the whole body.
  • I use the Yoga Tune Up™ Therapy Ball Pack, but you can use tennis balls, or another massage ball brand that is not too hard. (Please refrain from using golf balls or massage balls with spikes for this workshop).

You can order directly from a local distributor or from Amazon, wherever you live in the world. As we know, Amazon currently has super quick delivery to meet our needs! Find links and suggestions in the information you’ll receive once you have booked your spot. As long as your props meets the approximate dimensions and pliability of the information above – you’re good to go.

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