Yoga Shred™ Teacher Training



The Yoga Shred™ is one of the most popular and student-attracting additions to yoga classes. It’s going to turbo-boost your magnetism as a teacher as well as give you fresh new inspiration for all your sessions and workshops.

This course will train you to add incredibly effective HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training sequences into your existing classes. This will give students the benefits that yoga alone cannot–like muscle sculpting, accelerated calorie and fat burn, increased bone density, and cardio optimization.

Together, yoga flow and Yoga shred™ HIIT is a miracle combination.

With my signature Yoga Shred™ moves that are based entirely on yoga poses and better alignment, you’ll strengthen your yogis incredibly for their regular practice. They will see more results in your classes, and will come back again and again for something only you can give them!

If you want to add more cardio, strength, muscle-definition, calorie burn and fitness results to your classes, this one training can give you (and your students) a whole new world of possibilities. Plus, it’s empowering, and fun!

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