Yoga for Menopause


Stay Sane Through Peri-menopause, Menopause and Post Menopause

Survivors guide for active women, age 35-60, who wants to take control of their own health during and after menopause.

What do you really know about menopaus? When does it start and does it ever end? Isn’t it strange that half of the population goes through it – still there’s a lot of tabu, shame and confusion about what it is? Unfortunately a lot of women feel helpless, lost and clueless when it comes to understanding the changes they are experiencing. 

Let’s change that and keep the conversation alive so that more women can learn to recognize the symptoms, understand that there is help out there and that they are not alone.


Are you over 40 and notice any of the following:
  • You’re tired, much of the time – and you don’t think it’s just because of your lifestyle.
  • You find yourself unable to think straight, remember why you walked into a room, and it’s harder to stay as clear and capable as you know you are?
  • You’re more often hit with overwhelming emotions like anger, irritation, sadness or frustration, seemingly without a cause?
  • You’re working out harder or longer without seeing the results you did in your 30’s?
  • Your body has changed in ways that your diet and exercise routine don’t seem to affect?
  • Your periods have stopped or changed from how they used to be in timing, duration, or severity?
This may indicate that you are in peri menopause or menopause, and you don’t have to simply suffer through it!
Most females aren’t properly educated about the cycles we go through, usually over the age of 40, but sometimes even earlier! When does menopause start – and does it ever end? Not really.
Half of the population goes through this experience, yet so many women still feel helpless, clueless, and unsupported when it comes to understanding the changes and improving upon the symptoms they are experiencing.

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