The Yoga Shred® Online Full Certification!

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Course Overview: 

By so. much. popular demand — I’ve created a way for existing yoga and fitness teachers to get fully certified in The Yoga Shred® — a joint-safer blend of yoga moves and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). 

This training will not only teach you all the physical Shreds and Yoga Sequences you need to know, it will take you deeper into the evolution you need to bypass other instructors, to become the best teacher you can be—not only with the Yoga Shred, but in all you do!

Lead your community and classes with a style that fits seamlessly into your existing classes. Get creative, make the style yours, and watch your classes grow! 

HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is the most effective exercise in the world–in the least amount of time. It gives your students the cardio optimization, fat-burning, calorie burning, muscle toning and defining, super-strength for their practice and lives that yoga alone can’t! 

They will feel the challenge, and be empowered by our loving joint safety-based mindful fitness style that gives the benefits of working out for 2-4 hours in just 12 minutes! (3 x 4-minute Shreds)! Add this knowledge to enhance your classes, and watch them feel–and see–the difference. 

The entire course is guided on videos and also with written manuals.

NOTE if you’ve already done the original Yoga Shred Foundations and are Yoga Shred®-Trained. This training includes the original course, but gives you SO much more. I’ve priced this presale to give you more off of this training than you spent on the Foundations Training, so it’s a great deal if you get it now.

This course is delivered to you all loaded up and ready to go with your login and password. It’s self-guided: work through it in your own rhythm and timing—there is no timeline to complete it! 

Apply what you learn to your classes as you go and when you are ready to submit for Full Certification, it’s easy. 

Specifically, In this Certification Training Course, you’ll get: 

Forever access to all the videos and manuals so you can return to them as a resource whenever you want. 

A brand new skill set you can add to whatever existing style you teach now to improve your students’ experience with you—and attract many new ones. Most Yoga Shred® teachers report that their class sizes double and triple after adding in the style! 

A full Yoga Shred® Certification, which means you’ll be a Certified Yoga Shred® Instructor and are free to call your classes Yoga Shred® if you want! 

Personal Feedback from Yoga Shred® Master Trainers before Certification to ensure you’re the most effective and dynamic teacher you can be. 

Continued mentoring with VIP e-meetups you can do from home, and direct access to Sadie and the Yoga Shred® Master Trainers! 

Part 1: Yoga Shred® Foundations: 

Over 55 Yoga Shred® Video Training Sequences: New Yoga-based HIIT and/or Anatomy-improved known HIIT moves.

20 Yoga Shred® Enhancer Movement Sequences: Warm Up & Cool Down Yoga-Based Sequences to safely and quickly get your class prepared for—and counter-posed from—the main Shreds.

A Yoga Shred® Foundations Manual to teach you the basics of beginning to add the Yoga Shred® seamlessly into your classes. 

A Yoga Shred® Pose Library: pictures of each main Shred type, with Foundational Instruction Anatomy. This will teach you exactly what cues to focus on in each Shred for the best results! 

Part 2: Yoga Shred® Rockstar Teacher Evolution:

Movement & Anatomy: A Yoga Shred® Anatomy Overview: A deeper dive into the anatomy and structure of each Shred. Understand which Shreds work on which areas of the body for easier cueing and sequencing. Includes a full Anatomy Of Yoga Shred® Manual 

Deep Core Line Myofascial Training: A revolutionary teaching on how your body is actually organized at its full-body core, and how to easily translate this core power into movement. We focus on distilling 10 years of study of the muscle-fascia (myofascial) meridians into simple, clear movement instruction you can easily understand and apply to your own classes.  

PS: most yoga and fitness teachers don’t know this information, but anatomy experts do—and it will make your classes extra special and effective! 

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Movement Foundations: Learn the Four Foundations of CSV Yoga, not because you’ll necessarily teach this style, but because it will help you understand how to apply the amazing lightness and power of the Deep Core Line in any type of movement you do or teach!  Includes a Four Foundations Yoga Flow you can personally experience! 

Joint Safety Videos: What to know to keep your students healthy — even in more intense movement!  

The Physics of Power: A short but essential training on how to use your body with the laws of nature when moving, jumping and landing, for an incredible increase in strength and lightness—all while keeping students joint subtle. They will get more benefits from your classes than others, and flock back for more! 

Yoga Shred® Sequencing: A full training on how to sequence your most amazing classes—Yoga Shred® or otherwise…every time! Includes a Best Sequencing Manual. 

Tabata Timing Training: Learn the exact timing that works best to give your students the best strength, fitness and cardio results.

A handy “Yoga Shred® Wheel” Template, so you can time and instruct your Shreds optimally—every time!

3 Fully guided Yoga Shred® Classes with Sadie so you can see how she’d teach it in real time—and get stronger and cardio-optimized for teaching this—at home. 

Authenticity & Confidence Training For Teachers!: I’ll help you become even more of a rockstar teacher with this guided section on the steps and practices it takes to become clear, confident, more unique, and seen in this competitive world. Includes a Teacher’s Authenticity & Confidence Manual! 

This section includes a Nourishment For Teachers section, with many guided tips and techniques to keep you centered and in access of your core truth. 

Yoga Shred® Next-Level Teacher Ethics: This section is crucial, and you’ll discover even more tools for becoming a next-level ˆteacher—not just an instructor. 

Marketing & Social Media Mastery: Get exclusive training in how to promote your new skills—and yourself in general—to let new clients know where to find you, and help retain and grow your existing audience. This can free you to have full classes, more leverage with studios, fill retreats, workshops and other trainings, and become more time and financially free to live the life you truly want. 

Continued Mentoring From Sadie & Her Master Trainers: Access to My Invite-Only Facebook VIP check-ins, video chats, and get your questions answered — for fully certified Shred teachers only!  

Next Steps: Get Certified! When you have completed the training, and/if you’re ready to submit for full Certification, we only ask two things: Complete an online test, and create and submit a short video of you teaching the style, in your own way, so our Master Shred Trainers can approve it. They will give you feedback to tweak, or approve you immediately, and send you your Certification Package, with badges, your Yoga Shred® Certified Teacher Certificate, and instructions/certificates to submit for continuing ed credits with Yoga Alliance (25 hours), ACE (10), ACSM (10) and more!  

Remember that you can always start adding this information to your existing classes without being certified! But to call yourself Yoga Shred® Certified, and your classes Yoga Shred®, you must attain the Certification. 

Ready to dive in with me, and empower—and level—up? 

Let’s rock this! 

Sadie & Karin

ADD Testimonials for the side: 

Teachers love it! 

Oh, man! So I had 3 students in yesterday morning’s shred and they loved it! 

THEN – I had 6 NEW shred happy students this morning for the 9:30 shred! 😍 The shred love is contagious! YAY!!  Sadie, I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have this on my studio’s schedule. They are all ALREADY asking about you and your method! 


So excited I swear. My husband attended my class last week and he is hooked. 

Students are loving your workouts too and this class is full every night it is on! So thank you 🙂 ~Edele

I incorporated the 3 shreds into my intermediate class this morning and it was seamless! Especially love the soft joint cues for the Jumps back and forward. I’ve been teaching a very long time and your  instructions are and on line set up with the shred library so so perfect done  I can safely offer some of the moves already no sweat  ( well, ALOT of sweat 💦!) but no problems – you’re the best and they loved it! 🙏 ~Anne

Thanks so much everyone!! Yoga shreds really are SO MUCH fun to teach and super effective…all my students loved the class and messaged me next day to tell me they were really feeling it! If you’re thinking about investing in the training and adding this to your skillset, go for it! ~Lauren

Ive been teaching the Shred within my yoga classes for a few weeks now!!! Everyone is freakin out!!! They LOVE THE SHRED !!! ~Lisa

Thanks Sadie ! I am blown away by the amount of content you have shared through the Yoga Shred course, it’s an amazing value. I’m starting to sink into a weekly Yoga Shred® routine that works for me (along with teaching yoga and figure skating) and it’s an amazing addition ! ~Sara

I trained in freestyle fitness yoga a few years ago, and then I gained my Yoga Shred® Certification. I totally adore it!! Since I did it, my class sizes have grown so much!  Thank you!!! Ruth


I recently purchased your Yoga Shred® course online. I just want to say thank you for doing this! It’s just the answer I was searching for!

I have a very small studio that I am trying to make the most of. There’s not much room for high energy workouts, and to be honest, I’m just not into most of the new things popping up in the fitness/yoga industry.  But your course!!!….Just wow! Yoga with H.I.I.T really has me pumped. I feel energized instantly and I know it will bring a big boost of students to the studio. Finally, a yoga class that burns in all the right ways! And leaves the athletes I teach feeling accomplished instead of bored. You rock! 


Wow, Sadie! 

Im almost done with the Yoga Shred teacher training — and Im so impressed! 

I’ve learned so much already about modifications and variations of the Yoga Shred® asanas! You’re good. And the fact that I got so much for a small amount of money! Thank you, Sadie! 

My students are noticing amazing changes already and their success feels even better The change everyone can see is amazing 😍😍😍😍. Thank you for the Yoga Shred and for being!  Betti

Students love it: 

i’m on my final 5 days of this Yoga Shred® challenge and I am THRILLED with the results!!! Didn’t think I would ever get these kind of results from any workout, since turning 40 almost 5 years ago i’ve had no luck with the gym, power walking or yoga alone and only been discouraged by attempts at fitness. I actually look forward to these workouts, even on days when I’m sore and tired —I do it! These workouts give me energy and i feel better than I have in years. THANK YOU SADIE! ~Brenda

I’m so grateful to have come across your work this past year-definitely a game changer for me as running most every day for three years had not given me the strength and definition that your Shreds have. Thank you! 💚💗💚Ann Renee

Sweetheart, this is so freaking FANTASTIC!  I’ve been sweatin’ balls at the gym and this little 25 minute workout is INSANELY GOOD!!!  I feel like I just got a whole hour workout at the gym with cardio and weights!  THANK YOU!  You are SO in your gifts, your Mastery of the body, and your approach is so kind and loving! Thank you!   Chausey 

I’ve resisted yoga all my life – preferring pilates and dancing. But, on a whim, I began your fit and fierce over 40 course on DailyOm and completed it a few days ago. I’m now on Day 4 of your Yoga Shred 21-day program. I can’t believe it’s been a month already since I started. The transformations I’ve seen are just mind blowing. I feel more open, balanced, in tune with myself – more capable of loving and facing my fears, insecurities and shortcomings, as well as those of others. I’m laughing again and loving again. I’m also feeling stronger and healthier – physically, mentally and emotionally. I’m even sleeping better! Perhaps most importantly, I’m realizing how much negativity I’ve been storing in my body, how many walls I’ve built to hide it all and that there are tools out there for processing and moving beyond. I’ve always thought of my art as being a tool and it is, but the fact is that it also thrives on the negative, the dark and the distressed. Yoga, meditation, well-rounded nutrition and honestly, just moving for the love of moving and feeling what my body is capable of are proving far more effective. 

So, thank you. I look forward to signing up for more and more courses with you and just cannot express how grateful I am that you’ve put so much thought and effort into your programs. It’s clear that it’s not just about yoga – it’s about healing and living and thriving. ~Pauline

Thank you so much, lovely Sadie. I love your positive take on life, your loving and attentive guidance during the workouts with a sharp eye for body alignment and protecting the joints. I treasure your great workouts that so beautifully connect mind and body (and breath!!). Never was it so fun and delicious to exercise every day, and I have never loved my body more than since I started doing your courses. I am stronger than ever, in every way I can think of. ~Femke


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