The 30-Day Yoga Shred® (TBT30)

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The most fun you’ll ever have sparking healthy weight loss, building lean muscle and boosting your metabolism — All in just 25 Minutes, 4 times a week!

Great for Beginner to Intermediate/Advanced Levels!

In this Challenge, you’ll: 

  • Boost Your Metabolism
  • Lose Unhealthy Weight/Body Fat
  • Gain Lean, Defined Muscles
  • Build Strength & Endurance, Faster
  • Optimize Your Cardio for Total Health
  • Eat Cleaner, and More Whole in Minutes a Day
  • Open & Center Your Body/Mind with Yoga Flows
  • Become Super-Strong with my Yoga Shred™
  • Save Tons of Time, Money and Energy Working Out Smarter, Not Harder.
  • Actually Enjoy Exercise!
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