May 2 – Break The Rules! Evolve Your Practice And Teaching with Judy & Karin


BREAK THE RULES – Evolve Your Practice & Teaching

Do you ever instruct from these RULES?
  • Back foot at 45 degrees
  • Knees, chin, chest as you lower
  • Square your hips to the front of your mat
  • Tuck your tailbone
  • Squeeze your glutes
  • Swan dive down to the floor
  • Hold Mula Bandha the WHOLE class 😳
Have you ever left your mat feeling more tense instead of relaxed or worn out instead of energized?
Do you ever wonder if there’s a better way..
  • to practice?
  • to cue?
  • to nourish & heal?

Limited to 25 participants. Get your spot now!

Teachers + Yoga/Fitness Enthusiasts: 

When: Sunday May 2, 10am-1pm EST
Where: Online, in the comfort of your own home.
Who: Yoga/Fitness Teachers + Dedicated Students.  Teachers receive Continuing Education Points YAUS

25 in stock


Join us and explore how to maximize your time on your Yoga Mat to:
  • Build strength without strain.
  • Optimize your natural anatomy to ignite deep support from within.
  • Gain benefits (stress release, flexibility, mobility, endurance, & more) more quickly.
  • Energize & magnetize your students.
This workshop is for you if you:
  • Have question about your cuing?
  • Wonder why you hurt when you leave your mat?
  • Are unable to answer your students’ questions about why your tell them to do poses a certain way?
Discover new ways to tap into your body’s intelligence with modern information about our anatomy.
We offer you a whole new set of guidelines to cue & instruct from to rock your:
  • Forward Folds
  • Warriors
  • Pigeons
  • Camels
  • Handstands
Our workshop is based on the 4 Foundations of Core Strength Vinyasa and tapping into your body’s Deep Core Myofascial Meridian to build support & strength in every pose.
  • 3h workshop with Karin & Judy
  • Including Q&A section to answer any of your burning questions
  • Recording of the workshop

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