Fit & Fierce Girl Summer Yoga & Workout Package


Get all 3 courses for just $75. Normally $138

All the workouts and core strength yoga you need to get you through this summer amazingly fit & fierce!
❤️ Sadie & Team


Level Up:

If you’ve lost strength and motivation, or you’re looking to bust plateaus and discover the most efficient workouts, yoga flows and self-care to move forward now…We can help you level up! This 21 day course puts the fun and fierceness back into your body, mind, and energy. You’ll finish this journey stronger than ever, feeling confident and with a glow that no one —and no year—can take away from you.

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Core Strength Transformer:

Tune up and define your whole body and total core strength with this amazing journey of guided yoga classes. Get ready to gain more inner empowerment and body/belly confidence! During these 21 days, I’ll guide you through the exact strong but mindful yoga flow classes that will give you all the strength, balance, flexibility, centering and core strength of an hour practice or more—in less than 30 minutes per session, every other day.

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Problem Area Rescue:

Turn Your “Problem Areas” Into Power Areas! 9 Amazing Yoga Shred® Workouts – all under 20 minutes – that both target “problem areas” and also provide a whole body strength and cardio workout. These combo yoga – HIIT classes are my signature style, Yoga Shred®.

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