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If you are a teacher or wellness pro who is burned out from showing up physically to share your gifts with people, and still feel like you are struggling to make ends meet, I have a solution for you.

I’m Sadie Nardini, one of the world’s top-selling wellness, yoga and fitness course creators. I currently make a high 6 figures making and selling online courses, literally making money while I sleep. I am free to work whenever and wherever I want. People have been asking me for years how I do it, and now you’ll be among the first to know my secret!

I want to help you develop the ability to make powerful and effective online courses, for the right audience, so you can share your gifts with the world and not always have to show up somewhere physically to make money. Online courses are an incredible source of passive income, and you can make them yourself, with a smart phone, a few inexpensive pieces of equipment, and the right content. It’s not as hard as you might think—but you do have to know the right steps in which to make them, and the pitfalls to avoid, and this course will walk you through all of that in my easy to follow guide!

This course shows you exactly how I create my bestselling courses, and how you can too, from envisioning your topic to breaking it down into simple steps, to actually shooting and uploading it for sale. My e-book and accompanying videos, loaded with valuable tips, action steps, and encouragement, will get you on the path to becoming an online course creator with the potential for a new and abundant income stream. With the valuable info that I want to share with you, you will have the blueprint to building in more financial freedom—supplementing, and perhaps eventually replacing, your current mode of income.


  • A “Creating Your Bestselling Online Courses” E-book: A step-by-step guide that takes you through the process of making awesome and effective online courses that sell.
  • Full Video Instructions and Motivations with me that lead you through the e-book so I can personally and clearly describe for you the how and why of every step.
  • By the end of this course, you will have created a product that you can upload and start sharing immediately.


Motivate: How to know your unique “Why”, or purpose, so you’ll skip the two mistakes most people make (staying confused, or trying to be everyone else) and you’ll more effortlessly and magnetically be able to create your own strong course themes and ideas.

Structure: A blueprint for how to envision, organize and decide on what parts need to be in your course to help people achieve their goals —and you to not over-give to make this happen.

Write: I’ll give you specific examples to follow of what you will want to write to make a course complete and useful for your audience. Like—every page. I got you!

Shoot This Sucker: This is not the part that usually blocks people from getting a great course done that can free them for years. And it’s actually very simple when you know specifically what to do —and not to do!

Uploading: Where you could place your course for the most sales—without waiting for some big company to come calling. You can do this yourself, and keep much more of the income.

Social Media Best Practices: I’ve learned over 10 years of working online every day that you don’t need a million followers for the wrong reasons—even a hundred of the right ones are far more powerful. Here’s a map for how to attract them, which 2 platforms to focus on…and how to actually like posting on social media!

I hope to see you there!

No better time than now to begin creating your future success–it can happen quickly if you just begin.



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