Turn Your Problem Areas Into Power Areas! 

20 minutes, or less  to make incredible shifts in strength, muscle tone, cardio, and confidence! 

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Welcome to a course that recognizes the following dual realities: You can have parts of your body you want to work on, and still do it from a place of inner strength and self-love.  

As a yoga and fitness expert, I hear from clients every day who have problem areas they want fixed. Some actual requests: “I have no #ss! Help me with this Flatty Patty I call a rear end!” “My arms flap like Dumbo’s ears!” “This back fat has got to go!” 

Yet as an instructor whose main life’s calling is to empower my clients, not tear them down, and as a woman who was really self-critical and picked myself apart for years, hearing this language was hard for me…until I realized that I could help people improve problem areas – AND do it in a way that re-writes the old negative stories about them  into sources of strength, inside and out.

My program gets you incredibly lean, strong muscles, and the addition of cardio will melt away old body fat and leave you looking and feeling fabulous – for your unique shape.

You’ll do all of this this in just 20 minutes or less! With me, you work out smarter…not longer.  

And I never tear you down – I build you up. I want you to stay motivated and make changes, but that confident crown will never fall from your head! 

The name of each class is inspired by something I or other people have critically called their problem areas, or have been called by others. This is meant to re-frame the shame, bring in humor, and turn those stories on their heads so that you leave every workout feeling fully empowered – not devalued and small.  

After all – for me, healthy and strong for your body type is the new skinny – whether you’re skinny or curvy or anything in-between.

What do I get on this program?

  • Forever Access! Once you get this course, you keep it forever and can return to the workouts anytime you want. They will become part of your weekly routine, and you can use them whenever you want to tone up a certain area, too.
  • 9 Amazing Problem Area Yoga Shred® Workouts – all under 20 minutes – that both target problem areas and also provide a whole body strength and cardio workout. These combo yoga – HIIT classes are my signature style, Yoga Shred®. All sessions are exclusive to this program – you won’t find them anywhere else but here. 

Classes include: 

  • Flatty Patty Glutes Fix 
  • Back Fat Blaster
  • Calorie Blast 
  • Thunder Thighs Tone
  • Arm Flap Fix 
  • Muffin Top Toner
  • Chicken Legs + Booty Blast
  • Muffin Top Tone
  • Belly Bloat Begone
  • …All classes contain calorie burn, cardio, and core conditioning too! 


  • Besides the awesome physical benefits, you’ll gain a brand new sense of personal confidence and value that comes from seeing past ‘problems’ into the powerful lifestyle you can create when you move strongly, and learn to dance with your perceived imperfections. We are all human. We all have them. We change what we can – and we rock the rest, too! You’ll learn how to strike this beautiful balance here with me. 

What are my workouts like on your program? 

  • Each session leads you through 3 rounds of joint-safer high intensity interval training (HIIT), based on conscious yoga pose alignment, with mindful breath. I’m an anatomy expert so I move you strongly, but with plenty of modifications for your specific needs. 


  • The sessions each focus on a specific body area, but also provide whole body strength and cardio for a holistic fitness experience that will leave you invigorated, and gaining the results of a much longer class in under 20 minutes. Thanks, science! 


  • Wherever you start, you will be able to progress with me into your best body, mind and energy ever – inside and out.

What actual students say about Sadie’s sessions:


“Sadie has a way of lightening things up around places of my body I’ve been ashamed of and struggled with for years. This allowed me to really work hard and actually make progress where before I would give up or feel stuck. Now I’m so strong in my body after her classes, I forget to hate myself like I used to. I think I’ve left that behind. I can’t thank you enough!” 


“These workouts are fabulously challenging, yet they don’t hurt my old knee or shoulder injuries like other, more impact-heavy classes do. I see more muscle tone in 20 minutes with Sadie than I used to get in brutal hourlong gym workouts. I don’t know what magic this is – but I’m hooked!” 


“I always despised exercise and would have to force myself to do it. Sadie makes things so engaging and exciting that all of a sudden, we’re done, I’m sweaty, and I actually liked the class! She will get you on the mat, work you very hard – and you’ll be strangely happy about it!” 


“My Flatty Patty is now a Juicy Lucy after these classes. Me and my husband both thank you, Sadie!” 

Do I need any equipment to get the most from the workouts? 

All the classes can be done with bodyweight on a non-slip surface, but to take things up a level, I recommend 2 light hand weights (1-3 lbs) or household items you can hang onto, two yoga blocks and a sticky yoga mat or other non-slip surface for this program. 

Ankle weights or boots and a yoga strap or bathrobe tie are useful but optional. 

As a nearly 50 year-fierce woman, I can tell you that these concentrated classes are the most effective I’ve ever done, and they help me maintain safer, stronger, sculpted strength and vitality, beyond even what I was at 20. 

I think you’ll love practicing with me in this way – empowered fitness awaits! 

Let’s rock this!


Meet your teacher:

Your guide for this journey is: Sadie Nardini, Founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, The Yoga Shred, and The Anatomy Of Movement. She is one of the world’s top online wellness course creators, as well as an anatomy expert who knows how to get you moving and feeling good in your body again -safely!

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