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Welcome to your course! We are so psyched to have you here with us.

Read on for how to get the most from this program!:

CLASSES: Make sure to read the description under each video, because there you’ll find what to expect from your session, along with any suggested props.

Do what you can, and back off, do less, rest out or just dance around whenever needed. These are classes you can return to again and again to watch your strength build and your stamina increase!

PROPS: We recommend the following props, but you can usually replace them with household items. The props we highly suggest you have are:

1 yoga mat
1-2 yoga blocks (1 for sure, or a book or sturdy cushion to elevate your hips
2 hand weights (or household items)
2 ankle weights (or heavier boots for some yoga Shred leg work) –if you want more challenge
1 strap (a necktie or bathrobe tie will do)
2 therapy balls or tennis balls.

RECIPES: These dishes are customizable. If you see an ingredient you don’t eat, substitute it with something else. Make one or more of these recipes a day for cleaner, more nutritious eating to fuel your workouts–without the inflammatories!

QUESTIONS? We are here for you! See the Congrats / Stay In Touch section at the end of your program for a list of your teachers’ contact info.

TECH ISSUES? We can help! Please email with any technical needs.

We will see you on Day 1! Can’t wait!

Alyson, Anya, Karin, Judy, and Sadie

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