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Welcome to your first class!

Let’s level up together with this Yoga / Shred Fusion Flow, a combination yoga flow and fitness interval training.

Blended, this session gives you the best of both worlds: slow flow endurance-based movement, and faster, cardio and muscle-defining High Intensity Interval Training moves, aka: Yoga Shreds!

We focus on the earth element, and the power of grounding for increased energy, heat, and lean, toned strength.

You’ll get the equivalent of a much longer workout in just 30 minutes! Do what you can, rest or modify whenever you need. This one should give you room to grow.

Props: Grab two hand/wrist weights or household items and two yoga blocks (all optional, although I suggest one yoga block or sturdy cushion for the stretch at the end).

It’s time to move to your next level of strength, balance, and a holistic healthy glow.

Today’s recipe is Roasted Roots by Anya – check it out and hopefully it will inspire you to try some new flavors in the kitchen.

Meet me on the mat!
~ Sadie

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