Four-Day Yoga Shred™ Certification

In-Person Event September 27-30 with Sadie Nardini, Judy Heany, and Tristan Gatto

Become one of the few yoga teachers officially certified in Yoga Shred™. This lucrative and hugely popular method has attracted over 100,000 students and will fill your classes with more students than you can handle!

Lifetime Access




What’s Included?

  • Official Yoga Shred™ Certification
    • Be One Of The Few Certified Yoga Shred™ Teachers In The World
    • Use The Trademark Yoga Shred™ For Your Classes, Bio, And Retreats
  • Learn How To:
    • Attract Way More Students
    • Create Your Own Yoga Shred™ Sequences
    • Effectively Use Social Media To Market Yourself
    • Find Your Authentic Voice
    • Get More Private Clients
  • The Recorded Event, Available To Watch/Rewatch Anytime
  • Bonus Lessons In:
    • Restorative Yin Therapy
    • In-Depth Anatomy And Bio-Mechanics
  • 30 CEC Credits through Yoga Alliance, canfitpro, NASM, or AFAA

Four-Day Yoga Shred™ Certification

I only hold this amazing event 1-2 times per year.  You will leave with the tools and confidence you need to teach your own Yoga Shred™ classes, successfully utilize social media, authentically market yourself, and attract more group and private students than you ever have before.  This event is for existing fitness and yoga teachers only.  The Yoga Shred™ Teacher Training online course is a prerequisite for this certification.

The Yoga Shred™, created by Sadie, is a fresh blend of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Yoga Flow. HIIT gives students the cardio, muscle definition and tone, super-strength, and calorie burn that yoga alone cannot. Yogis need this to truly be fit and break through the plateaus in their poses!

However, many existing HIIT moves and classes are badly aligned and too aggressive on the joints.

Sadie, a longtime anatomy and biomechanics expert, designed 50 all-new HIIT exercises, built with safer joint anatomy and less impact. Many of these exercises are based on yoga postures and give all the results of HIIT in a way that fits seamlessly into your existing yoga classes.

Many teachers have doubled or tripled their class sizes after bringing this incredible gift to their students. Begin teaching Yoga Shred™ in your classes and it is more than likely that you will see the same results.

ADDED BONUS – Yoga Shred™ will reshape and strengthen your own body too, in just 20 minutes or less a day. Thanks Science!

Now…come get certified with us!

Event Details

September 27-30
Cape May, NJ

Balance Cape May Studio
600 Park Blvd
West Cape May, NJ 08204


  • Daily Sessions Thursday-Sunday 10-4
  • Lunch break 12:30-1:30
  • Happy Hour Gatherings: after the sessions (TBA)
  • Group Dinner at the Mad Batter (all diet types available) Saturday 5:30
  • Celebration Happy Hour: Sunday 4:30

Live event attendees will also participate in a nature walk and wine tasting with Sadie and her Master Trainers. If you plan to attend the in-person certification, please let me know by emailing me immediately after purchasing at!

Qualifying for Certification

At the end of this training, you’ll need to complete an at-home exam and send us one short video of you teaching a sample Shred class containing 3 different Shred moves.

Once approved, we will send you a Yoga Shred®-Certified Badge and Certificate you can use to say you are now a fully Yoga Shred® Certified Teacher and can call your in-person workshops, classes and retreats Yoga Shred®.

For more questions, please write me at


Continuing Education Credits

What People Are Saying

"I've been teaching for a few weeks now!!! Everyone is freaking out!! They LOVE the YOGA SHRED!!!"– Lisa
"Wow! I incorporated the 3 shreds into my intermediate class this morning and it was seamless! Especially love the soft joint cues for the Jumps back and forward! I’ve been teaching a very long time and your instructions are so perfectly done. I can safely offer some of the moves already, no sweat (well, a LOT of sweat 💦!) but no problem - they loved it! 🙏"– Cathy
"Yoga shreds really are SO MUCH fun to teach and super effective...all my students loved the class and messaged me next day to tell me they were really feeling it! If you're thinking about investing in the training and adding this to your skillset, go for it! "– Lauren
"​​Thanks Sadie! I am blown away by the amount of content you have shared through the Yoga Shred course, it’s an amazing value! I’m starting to sink into a weekly Yoga Shred routine that works for me (along with teaching yoga and figure skating) and it’s an amazing addition!"– Sara


  • Live Yoga Shred Classes with various trainers to see how an hour class is taught in real time, uniquely.
  • Yoga Shred Joint Alignment with Physical Therapy Expert and anatomist Tristan Gatto.
  • Authenticity Training: How to become more uniquely you, and keep your Core Message clear, to attract your true Tribe.
  • Yoga Shred Sequencing: How to build dynamic classes that are unique to you.
  • Safety & Contraindications for Various Students.
  • Building Private Clients and Nailing Your Consultations.
  • Marketing Your Classes and Workshops to grow them faster.
  • Rock Your Social Media — Best Practices for building an online client base.

Other Important Techniques and Tools you can add to your existing classes and Self-Care rituals:

  • Permission to be Self-Centered
  • Small Ball Foot Release
  • Soft Roller Back Body Release
  • Qi Gong Tapping, Arm Swings, Ha! Kriya
  • Meditations for Building Fierceness and Self-Love.
  • Journal writing exercises.
  • Fear-Busting techniques
  • Best Mantra Chants
  • …and more!

We end with a personal (and fun!) critique of every attending teacher by professional Yoga Shred® Master Trainers who are here for your positive growth! Being part of this session is perhaps one of the most important sections, because you will get tips and direction on:

  • Shred timings and clear cues, setup and protocols.
  • Unique theme clarity and purpose of Shreds chosen.
  • Voice —volume, tics, language.
  • Body Language/ Shred Posture/Form/Alignment.

About Sadie

Sadie Nardini, E-RYT 500, YACEP Provider, is the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga™, a safer, stronger anatomy-enhanced flowing yoga style. She also created the Yoga Shred™, a popular cross-training HIIT + Yoga fusion for yogis — or anyone — to get fit, faster.

Sadie offers quality online trainings for wellness pros and personal fitness/transformation courses.

She is regularly featured in media such as Glamour, Fitness, Self Magazine, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, New York Times, Yoga Journal, Whole Living and more.

Sadie is the lead singer for the rock band, Sadie & The Tribe.

She lives and works in Santa Barbara, California.

Additional Co-Leading Master Trainers

Judy Heany

E-RYT 500


Owner, Balance Cape May Yoga & Pilates Studio, Cape May.
Master Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Trainer.
Certified Yoga Shred® Trainer.
Certified Pilates Teacher & Trainer.

Tristan Gatto

E-RYT 500


Physical Therapy Expert and Home Health Care Provider in Los Angeles.
CSV Yoga and Yoga Shred® Master Trainer.
Anatomy expert.

We are so excited to see you for this intimate and lucrative time together–and you, getting this new Certification!

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