Yoga Shred: HIIT Workouts to age fiercely and rock your age at any stage!




Experience creative, rewarding, fun and effective classes together with me and learn how to optimize your cardio quickly for better health and more energy!

Get ready for a fresh & fierce whole body tuneup, in under 20 minutes a session – specifically for people over 40!

Hey, rockstar!

  • Are you in your 40s, 50s, or beyond looking to rock your age?
  • Or are you younger, but want to age fiercely too?
  • Maybe you are tired of every over-40-focused course being gentle Chair Yoga or too easy for you?
  • Have you been working out or doing yoga for a lifetime – or you’re pretty strong and want to get stronger, more flexible, healthy and energetic, but with someone who’s conscious of your joints and body limitations?
  • And would you like to do all of this in minutes instead of hours – and actually have fun and feel body confident, nurtured and empowered while you effortlessly fit your fitness into your daily routine?

Then this course is for you.

You can’t turn back the clock, but you CAN become the best, most vibrant, energized, confident and strong version of yourself. And a lot faster than you think.

There are some pervasive myths about aging. That people over 40 start to lose a lot of strength and muscle tone or that your metabolism slows down after 35.

This is actually not supported by science and we now know that you won’t naturally have any metabolic decline until around age 60. Even then it’s not much – and can be turned around through exercise.

As someone who is now 50, and stronger than ever, I can personally tell you that these myths do not have to be your truth!

A lot of the sluggishness and weakness we associate with aging can be avoided or even reversed by building lean muscle mass and regularly moving intensely, for short bursts. But as we age, we have to balance working out strongly with mindful joint health. In this course, you’ll do both!

Many maturing students may start feeling joint and muscle strain from their normal classes. Classes are often instructed without proper anatomy knowledge, and done too intensely, so they may keep moving in bad alignment until they burn out – or their joints give out.

Life gets in the way too (and we let it), and there is less time to put toward a consistent exercise program.

Then the metabolism “slows” because less muscle mass means fewer calories are needed. Less cardio training means feeling more weak, and tired. Less dynamic stretching means less mobility, and more aches and pains.

This all happens because one stopped moving, not because one kept getting older.

We call this aging but actually, it’s a lack of simply switching to the conscious, intelligent, safer movement you need now.

This Yoga Shred course contains 10 fun, efficient, extremely effective yoga and mindful HIIT Workout sessions that help you move strongly but with more joint care and awareness.

As a joint and spinal expert as well as a lifelong yoga and conscious fitness teacher, I will guide you to get more toned and fit than ever, all in a much more body-nurturing way.

With my signature joint-safer, modified movements you won’t find anywhere else, you’ll get the same lifting, toning, lean body, and vital glow that you used to get by going hard at the gym or on the yoga mat.

Work out smarter, not longer, or harder!

What You’ll Get In This Yoga Shred Course:

In this course, you get 10 invigorating classes, each a whole body workout, with a focus on specific areas we need to age well.

Every class is 30 minutes or less! It’s easy to replace some mindless screen time with one of these.

You can keep them forever, and return to them anytime you want to be sure you’re getting the best exercise with the safest joint instruction!

Each session includes Tutorials: Anatomy and modification breakdowns for how to do each main pose in the workout. This will help you get the most benefits out of your short time on the mat!

My Yoga Hiit Workout Classes Include:

  • Session 1: The Metabolism Booster Flow
  • Session 2: Fierce Energy & Strong Glutes
  • Session 3: Knee Safer Cardio Core
  • Session 4: Shoulder Safer Arm & Shoulder Sculpt
  • Session 5: Cardio Blast & Hip Opening Flow
  • Session 6: Pelvic Floor & Strong Core Flow
  • Session 7: Hormone Balance Flow
  • Session 8: Strong Side Core & Cardio Sculpt
  • Session 9: Adrenal Balance & Stress Release
  • Session 10: Chest Lifting, Better Posture Flow

Who is The Yoga HIIT Program for?

  • This is for already strong, generally able-bodied students and teachers over 40.
  • Students who can work out but want to learn a more efficient, age appropriate and sustainable way to do so to age well for a lifetime.
  • If you are familiar with my style, Yoga Shred and have done a lot of my classes before this course is designed, sequenced, and cued uniquely for people over 40, and the tutorials will give you a much deeper dive into the joint alignment of every move.

***If you need a more gentle practice to strengthen you, I suggest my Chair Yoga For Strength, Stamina & Flexibility.

***Even if you have some physical limitations from life happening, like slight knee or shoulder issues, UNLESS you’re actively injured – you can absolutely do this empowering course, and get yourself next-level, fit & fierce with me — at any age!

Let’s do this!


What People Are Saying About my Yoga Hiit Workout Program:


“I love this! I just completed it for the first time. It helped open up my right hip that has been seized tightly for weeks, creating pain in my knees and thighs. As a 58 year old who sits most of the day for work, this flow felt incredible. Thank you Sadie!”

~Missy, 58


“Finally, a yoga class that burns in all the right ways! And leaves the athletes I teach feeling accomplished instead of bored. My body has never felt stronger!”

– Clara, 50


“I have completed 8 days now and I find I am actually looking forward to it each morning (5:20am sharp!). Whaaat?! Who am I? I don’t do that! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your engaging and enjoyable videos that make me want to work out. I look forward to the remaining time of the program, and beyond.”

-Rebecca, 47


“I have been an online student of yours for years. Your approach to respecting individual anatomical limits, intentional movement and empowering attitude have totally transformed my practice on the mat, and off.”

-Ann, 50


“I just wanted to say how life changing your classes are. I don’t know why but there’s something SO refreshingly different about your workouts. I hate exercising and I never stick to any workout routine, but for some reason I find myself looking forward to yours!
 I just wanted to say a big thank you! I’m a massive fan and I’m so glad a stumbled on this course.”

-Elizabeth, 48



“I used to have to go to a chiropractor often but between doing your mindful workouts, I don’t have to go nearly as often. I needed them to combat sitting all day due to my career. Thank you for getting – and keeping – this 58 year-old body moving!”

– Audra, 58


“Having just completed your course, I felt compelled to let you know how much I LOVED IT! And will start it all over again tomorrow!”

-Kim, 42

Meet your teacher:

Your guide on this Yoga Shred journey is: Sadie Nardini, Founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, The Yoga Shred, and The Anatomy Of Movement. She is one of the world’s top online wellness course creators, as well as an anatomy expert who knows how to get you moving and feeling good in your body again -safely!

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