“Feel Like Trouble Again” FREE Yoga Shred® For Instant Fierceness!

This powerful flow and workout (also modified for those building strength!) is inspired by my sassy new song “Feel Like Trouble Again”. NOTE: This is a free gift for those who signed my TribeList over at www.SadieNardini.com/Music and listened to the song so if you haven’t yet, on the honor system, please go and do that first! ABOUT THE CLASS: This signature blend of anatomy-safer yoga and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) will instantly spark your fierce nature, and transform you faster than working out for hours–even as you’re actually having fun! Grab some hand weights if you have them, or do this with your bodyweight. I also used a yoga block and a blanket, which if you don’t have them it’s OK, but suggested! PS: Thank you so much for listening to my new song, “Feel Like Trouble Again”! It’s an empowered offering from me to you.
Rock On! ❤️ Sadie

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