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Yoga Shred® Library and Resources

Welcome to the Yoga Shred® Library filled with all the actual single Yoga Shred video tutorials, the yoga warm up and cool down sequences, joint anatomy tutorials, and modification ideas. Use this as a resource throughout the whole training. Start at the top of the first section, try out each Shred and Sequence in your own practice, then take a foundational few you think will be best into your classes. You can always add on more as you progress with your training and understanding of the Shreds and timing.


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WAIVER OF LIABILITY FOR THE ONLINE YOGA SHRED® TRAINING AND CLASSES This waiver is required to begin the course Name*Waiver* I agree to the terms of this waiverThis is an online training designed to add a supplementary certification that allows instructors to add Sadie Nardini LLC’s signature Yoga Shred® HIIT movements to their already existing knowledge. It is built to [...]

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