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Meditations That Actually Help Your Brain & Body Sleep Faster and Better!

There’s nothing worse than not being able to sleep. Literally, because not sleeping well is a major cause of many diseases, and also, as anyone who doesn’t sleep well knows – anxiety and exhaustion.

No more!

As someone who had terrible insomnia and patchy sleep for years, I know full well that the very foundation of health and happiness is deep, refreshing, consistent sleep.

So I studied yoga, meditation, breath work, and sleep sciences for years to be able to bring you this perfectly blended course that can have you sleeping like a baby – starting tonight.

This course is a must-have if you have trouble sleeping, have intermittent good nights of rest, or just want to rest soundly and feel more fresh, energized, and healed every morning!

In this course, you’ll get:

10 x 10-15 minute Binaural Beats Sleep Better Meditations

(All meditations are both video-based and also downloadable audio only)

Binaural Beats are incredible, and priceless for those with sleep issues.

They are soothing music soundscapes with specific frequencies to attune your brainwaves to a calm, peaceful state that mimics deep meditation and sleep.

They’re a shortcut to relaxation and falling asleep easier and for longer.

Each Meditation is based on the latest sleep research and neuroscience, as well as ancient, proven Yoga and Meditation techniques that combined are a powerful ally in your journey to sleeping like a dream.

Meditations include: 

Guided BodyMelt Meditation
A slow body scan to dissolve tension with Binaural Beats for deep relaxation.

Insomnia Rescue Meditation
A countdown breath technique with Binaural Beats for slowing your thoughts.

Still Center Meditation
A visualization to silence the day’s stress with Binaural Beats for deep meditation.

BodyScan Meditation
A tense and relax whole body releasing technique with Binaural Beats for central nervous system relaxation.

Sleep Better Affirmation Meditation
An affirmation-based meditation to retrain your brain to a new truth: you can sleep well! with Binaural Beats to open your mind and shift perspective.

Middle Of The Night Meditation 
A perfect rescue for when you wake up in the middle of the night and want to fall back asleep effortlessly with Binaural Beats for deep sleep.

4-7-8 Breath Meditation 
A breath technique proven to balance and calm anxious energy and get you to sleep with Binaural Beats for calming mind and body.

Double Inhale Meditation
A breath technique that re-aligns your body with deep relaxation with Binaural Beats for instant relaxation

Restless Energy Meditation 
A supine stretch -based meditation with Binaural Beats to shift your central nervous system from overactive to sleepy.

Peaceful Place Meditation 
A visualization to block stress and strengthen your peaceful place where falling asleep becomes easier and easier.  with Binaural Beats for deep sleep.

The Bonuses:


Downloadable audio-only tracks of each Sleep Meditation so you can do them without wifi

Downloadable longer Binaural Beats-only audio tracks you can put on for hours to meditate and sleep more deeply.

A PM Yoga Flow specifically designed to calm restless legs, muscles, and mind, and get your body optimally prepared to sleep well.

Pre – Register for this course now and get a 25% discount!

Use 25% off code: BB25
Apply at register!

You can keep this course and have unlimited access forever.

I can’t wait to help you sleep better – starting tonight!


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