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The Anatomy X Booster Bundle is an incredible dual training that in collaboration will make you one of the most knowledgeable yoga teachers in your community.

Your Lead Instructor is Sadie Nardini,
Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Exercise Physiology-Certified through Harvard and Stanford Universities, and Founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, an anatomy-enhanced yoga training to benefit any style teacher!

The Yoga Teacher Revolution Training x Transformational Core Strength Anatomy Training

These are the two courses offered in this Bundle Deal. You’ll discover whole-body anatomy rescues for common poses that most teachers don’t teach optimally, and then focus more deeply on the anatomy of the core, and all its mind-blowing new perspectives.

We are here to guide you through the wolds world of anatomy in real-world, east-to-understand ways, and give you fresh inspirations, moves, poses, alignment shifts, and cues that you can bring into your existing classes to keep your students safer, stronger, feeling better – and coming back to you for more!

The Yoga Teacher Revolution® Training

A Transformative Teacher Training Skill-Booster For Any Style Instructor—All Online!

This Training is perfect for: currently certified Yoga, Fitness, or Movement Instructors of any style AND/OR those who might become a teacher in the future! It’s also a lovely resource to have (and practice with) for dedicated yoga students to learn how to keep yourself stronger & more safe in class and at home..

Grow your classes & increase your professional knowledge in your own time.

Here’s how:

This course gives you all the tools you’ll need to become more than just another instructor. You can do this self-guided training in your own time, and apply concepts and cues immediately into your classes as you learn. You’ll have forever access, too!

Have Sadie’s older trainings from years ago? This replaces all of them, as the information here is entirely updated and enhanced.

Take this course, and double or triple your class sizes, like so many of those taking this course already have. Read on for more details!

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Core Strength Anatomy Teacher Training

Demystify and simplify core strength anatomy and learn more effective cues — for yoga teachers!

Great For Fitness/Movement Trainers Too!

This course counts for 10 CECs through Yoga Alliance US/UK and CanFitPro

Yoga Teachers: The “core” is much more than you think!

As I’ve traveled across the world leading anatomy trainings, yoga and fitness workshops for instructors of all kinds, even studio owners, one thing always strikes me: Nearly all of them have a too-basic understanding of the core—or they don’t understand it correctly at all.

This leads to common instructions like, “tuck your tailbone”, “navel to spine”, “twist from your belly”, “twist from your hips”, “hug in your core!” —all of which can actually cause pain and injury to the student.

I get it—anatomy is very hard to translate from medical pictures in teacher training manuals into actual moving bodies with clear cues that keep your classes flowing.

When you have a firm grasp on the full picture of the core body, and how to instruct students into their best, strongest and most centered poses, in the right order, every time, they will feel infinitely more empowered and joint-safer in your classes, and they will flock back to you for more.

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Meet your teacher:

Your guide for this journey is: Sadie Nardini, Founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, The Yoga Shred, and The Anatomy Of Movement. She is one of the world’s top online wellness course creators, as well as an anatomy expert who knows how to get you moving and feeling good in your body again -safely!

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