Can You Relate?

  • You are sick of being at the mercy of aging and want to age on your own terms. 
  • You want to like what you see when you look in the mirror instead of frustrated and demoralized.
  • You’re tired of spending tons of money on expensive anti aging products that don’t really work 
  • You’d love to cut through the confusing sea of products and tips to do only what helps you age better – and see results starting today!
  • You’re not into invasive medical procedures and want to do this more naturally.
  • You’re busy! You need an easy program that seamlessly fits into your routine, and takes just a few minutes a day to make you look incredible!

I help you get fierce and fabulous from the chest up so you can go out there and put your best face forward - every day!

This course includes Lifetime access to the whole Age Fiercely Face Yoga Program, including:

  • Lifetime Access to 10 Age Fiercely Single Spot Solutions Micro Sessions: Guided video self- massage sessions that work to instantly refresh and rejuvenate each specific area of your chest, neck, and face when you want to target and tone!
  • Nine All-In-One Total Face Refresh Sessions are yours to keep: Holistic massages and workouts you can use to brighten, tighten, and lift your entire chest, neck and facial muscles and skin from bottom to top! 

The Bonuses:

BONUS 1: A Product Demystifier checklist: Learn which exact natural products I recommend (most of them you have in your kitchen or health food store) that actually work to support resilient skin – without breaking your bank account!
BONUS 2: The Age Fiercely Monthly Blueprint: A Calendar of which Age Fiercely sessions to do when for the best results (in only a few minutes a day)!


…actually feeling good about aging because you know you’re now rocking it, every day! 
…never having to buy another expensive potion again, because you know that natural techniques can work even better. 
…waking up and being excited to (literally) face the day. 
…being immune to all the youth-oriented marketing out there because you feel sexy, confident and powerful just as you are. 
When I first looked in the mirror and noticed my facial skin changing; the first few wrinkles appearing, my neck a little looser, and my jawline a little softer…I cried. Not a cute cry, either. 
A no holds-barred, epic, ugly, “My life is over, I’m worthless now! No one will ever love me” kind of wailing that I’m sure the neighbors could hear. Because that’s what I truly thought. I felt like dirt inside for a long time, because I had developed a totally backward perspective on aging, the same one most people come to me with, too. I thought that being younger was better, becoming older meant I would be discarded and devalued in the eyes of my clients and, well, everyone.  
I truly believed that I just had to sit back and watch my face and skin do whatever it wanted and just endure it. That was 15 years ago, and today, at age 50, when I look in the mirror, I don’t cry. I laugh with joy. Because I’ve never looked or felt more beautiful. 
So – You may be wondering: How in the sweet hell did I get from there – to here?  That’s exactly what I’ll teach you in this course!

What people are saying:


“I love these tips, Sadie! I’ve been doing the neck/jowl massage daily –  and it’s definitely making a difference! I’m telling all my friends about you too. Thank you!!!” 

~Marianne, 50


“Sadie, I’m  in my 30s, but I’m already developing sun damage and fine lines. Your  techniques have changed my skin completely – and I know I can  use these preemptively to age  more fiercely now too!” 

~Tabbi, 34


“I do your Face Yoga Shred  four  times a week, while doing my hair or watching TV. It’s lifted my whole face – I can’t believe it!! My cheeks are  more full l and I don’t feel saggy when I look in the mirror. Absolutely fabulous what changes we can make – naturally!”

~Julia, 48


“Your  facial massages really work! I do them every day, and everyone’s asking me what I’ve done to make my skin so beautiful. My eyes aren’t dark and puffy anymore, and my whole face is smoother. They don’t believe there’s no  expensive face doctors involved! I love it – thank you!” 

~Elizabeth, 57


“I’m here to tell everyone – these sessions work like a charm – even in your 60’s! It’s never too late.” 

~Helen, 63


What you will learn

How it works:

  • As soon as you sign up you can start binge watching all the content and implementing the techniques to see a difference right away. Everything is available as soon as you enroll. 
  • You’ll have instant access to solutions for specific areas that challenge you, like puffy eyes, a droopy neck, a jawline you’d love to firm, and more! 
  • You’ll get a bonus Skin-Transformer Diet Tip E book: Discover which natural foods to add into your diet to ensure you’re helping to support your healthiest facial skin and muscle definition!
  • To reclaim your happiness around your age. 
  • To feel empowered that you can soften wrinkles, have more elastic, supple skin, and a glow that shows how well you care for all of you. 
  • To never again feel shame or worthlessness around your age. 
  • And to permanently regain and raise up your self worth, as you embark on the grand adventure of aging fiercely, starting right where you are today. 
  • I’m going to help you do all of these things – and support you every step of the way! 

You're a perfect fit if...

  • You look in the mirror now, and feel deflated – you don’t look your best – but you sense that you have it within you to improve the situation! And you can!
  • You’re bombarded with millions of anti-aging product ads, and you’re not sure how to make a big difference without going broke! 
  • You see all the youth marketing out there, and know you can’t look 20 again – but you wish you could feel and look like the most incredible version of yourself now!
  • You’re so over believing the ridiculous myths that you can’t be valued, loved, adored or attractive after a certain age.  
  • 10 Single Spot Solutions Micro Sessions: Spot target and improve your challenging chest, neck and facial areas when you need them most: Jaw sharpener, Cheek Lifter, Marionette Line Softener, Neck Toner, and more! ($1000 value) 
  • 9 Holistic Total Face Refresh Sessions: Rejuvenate your whole check, neck, and facial muscles and skin in one short session: Morning Glow Up, De-Bloating Lymph Massage, Yoga Shred Face Lifter, and more! (Saves you plastic surgery! $2000 value) 
  • A Beauty Product Demystifier checklist: Learn which exact natural products I recommend (most of them you have in your kitchen or health food store) that actually work to support resilient skin – without breaking your bank account! (This will save you hundreds of dollars) 
  • Bonus 2: The Age Fiercely Monthly Blueprint: A Calendar of which Age Fiercely sessions to do when for the best results- in only a few minutes a day! (to make sure you’re caring for your face optimally: priceless). 
  • Total Value of the Age Fiercely Course: Saves you at least $5000! 


A one time payment of $97 (and you keep the videos forever!)

PAY IN FULL BONUS: Pay in full and get bonus 20-Minute Age Fiercely “Cheeky Yoga Shred” Face & Booty Lifter Yoga Workout!
I can’t wait to see you rock your age – at any stage!


How soon will I start seeing results? Your skin is very responsive, and many clients say they see a difference after the first session! The more consistently you do it, the more your muscles will tone and lift, your skin will improve circulation, remove old skin cells and inner waste products, the more you’ll notice a big difference! 

I’ve tried everything to improve my fine lines and skin quality- nothing seems to work. How do I know this will? Most face programs are well-meaning but don’t know how the body actually works. Lucky for you, I’m a Harvard and Stanford-certified anatomy and exercise physiology expert. I designed this program from all the top research on what works that you can trust to give you the best results! 

I’m big on body positivity and just started feeling better about myself. Some anti-aging teachers I’ve tried have left me feeling like the point was to be younger or low key try and get rid of every wrinkle as “bad”. What is your take on this? It’s physically impossible to erase every line, unless you’re made of wax. My aim when creating this program, was to help us all age awesomely, while still loving who we are, and owning our power – and natural faces – as we age. My main job is as a female (and femme) empowerment advocate, so I will help you change what can be changed, and learn to adore the rest! There’s nothing more magnetic! 

Can I get a refund for this course? Once you’ve dedicated to purchase, you now own and have access to these valuable digital lessons. For this reason, no refunds are offered at this time. If you have questions about how to optimize the program for you, I want to help! Just email me at 

Do I have to buy any products to do this course? That’s the beauty  of it – no! All you need are your hands, your face, and some oil or lotion that you already use and have in your home. Easy as pie! Mmmm….pie.

How much time commitment does this course require? As little as 2 minutes a day, or up to 10-15 minutes if you want to do a longer all-in-one session. I do my Age Fiercely practice while getting ready in the morning, or while watching TV at night. You can multitask any session within your existing routine so it doesn’t take any more time to look incredible. On this program you get a calendar that suggests exactly what to do for the best results! 

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