30 Day Yoga Shred Challenge:
A HIIT Cardio Boosting, Strengthening & Yoga Flow Holistic Fitness Journey!

Can You Relate?

  • Are you ready to make a shift, feel better, stronger and have more energy to do things you love?
  • Do you have excess weight to lose? Or do you want to boost your metabolism in order to stay fit and defined?
  • Are you sick of spending hours at the gym or on the yoga mat without getting the results you are wanting?
  • Do you want to tone up and build lean muscle to support you in your life on an off the yoga mat?

…I did the strongest possible yoga for years, and still ended up with crappy cardio, softer muscles, and a flatty patty booty. As you can see from the photo above, taken at age 49, I have changed all of that – in just minutes a day, 3-4 times a week. That’s it! 

Now, I love my yoga practice, and the mindfulness it asks of me, but I knew through a decade of anatomy and exercise physiology study that yoga alone, no matter how intense – simply wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go. So I created The Yoga Shred®, a mindful and joint-aware blend of yoga and HIIT, the High Intensity Interval Training we need to attain a whole spectrum of our strength and energetic potential. 

And if you have limitations or are just building up strength again, don’t worry – I’ve got you. After a big guy jumped on my head in a swimming pool and caused a severe spinal injury when I was in my teens – I had to work myself back to this level of fitness you see. So I understand limitations. 

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced exerciser, you’ll find a challenge and evolution here. I will give you guidance – and options – all along the way. Wherever you are now, you can create long-term fitness miracles in just a short time, too!  

"I couldn’t lose those last 10 stubborn pounds until I stopped working out 2 hours a day and started working out 20 minutes a day. I also toned up and built lean muscle. This challenge is how I did it!"

What's included:

  • Access to your own personal Yoga Shred Challenge Online Course with all the content for each day pre-loaded for you . When you’re ready for the next day, just click a button to get started! So easy.
  • 30 Days of fun, empowering workouts, food lifestyle tips and recipes, and daily motivations to keep your heart, mind and spirit confident and clear.
  • Empowering Yoga Shred™ Workouts, done 3 times per week in different variations to ignite whole-body definition, strengthening and Afterburn Effect–a metabolic kickstart that burns calories and unhealthy body fat for up to 48 HOURS after your session!
  • Cleansing, blissful Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga™ Flow Classes. You’ll get a new one to stretch, refresh and restore you at the end of every week.
  • A Modifications and Variation Video for each new workout so you can master all the moves, right where you are. I guide you in real time through all the sessions as well. Even if you’re new to this—I got you!


  • Fantastic Plant-based Recipes — customizable, fast and delicious whole food dishes to support your progress.  You can keep utilizing these after the challenge for a lifetime of self-nourishment.
  • A Yoga Shred Challenge Calendar to keep you on track with what to do each day. Nothing will take you more than 25 minutes.
  • Lifetime Access! The whole Yoga Shred Challenge Program is yours for life. You can keep and do it at your own pace and return to it again and again. This is an incredible fitness resource for you as you move forward to be fit and fabulous for a lifetime!
Normally $98 – Use coupon code SP30DYSC for 50% Off

What people are saying:

“Your program is the best thing I have ever tried, and believe me, I have tried a lot!”

– Jeannie


“Even after only one month of this practice, I already see and feel the changes (my waist dropped by almost 10 cm/4 inches!!!!).”

– Gabriela


“I quit yoga years ago and switched to Pilates because all the yoga teachers I had neglected proper strengthening of the core muscles, so I always overworked my lower back – after a disc prolapse I stopped. Pilates has been good for me — but your style is more fun and less time-consuming!”

– Chantal


“I was doing a yoga workout video daily, but recently have switched it up by doing one of your Yoga Shred™ videos every third day, and it has made a WORLD of difference! I feel stronger, leaner, and like I’m really getting the best workout for my heart that I don’t get with yoga! THANK YOU, SADIE!”

– Jill


“Although this is intense, it is much easier for me to do with my bad knee than all the jumping-around and weight-on-the-knee HIIT I’ve been doing for years. I feel more focused, too, and as a writer, that’s key.”

– Laura


“I never thought I would say this but—I look forward to my workouts now and I miss them on my days off! What’s happened to me? Haha!”

– Ann


“I’m a runner and have incorporated these shreds in to my workouts and have seen more results than any amount of running, ever!”

– Kristi


“I would just like to say, your Yoga Shred® has changed my body. I was stuck at at plateau after I worked 60 pounds off of my body..in three months I am now 17 pounds from losing 100. Science and determination rock!”

– Julie


“I love the Yoga Shreds!!. Honestly I think they are the best, most effective, complete and efficient targeted workouts I’ve ever done! And I’ve done ‘em all. Thank you Sadie!

– Annie

How it works:

  • As soon as you sign up you have access to the whole course!
  • Days will alternate between Yoga Shred™ workout videos (A blend of Yoga and High Intensity Interval Training) and my favorite healthy recipes. Each Sunday, we will end the week with a yoga flow. Each day will take less than 25 minutes of your time and I sprinkled in motivational videos and content throughout to keep you going!
  • This program gives you a lot of freedom: You can skip one day and dive right back into it the following!
Normally $98 – Use coupon code SP30DYSC for 50% Off

You deserve to...

  • Reach the lean muscle lift and definition potential you naturally have~
  • Save tons of time and money on gym memberships in addition to yoga classes!
  • Keep your fitness practice as conscious and healing as your yoga.
  • Delight in an empowering fitness style that’s also subtle on your joints!
  • Gain all the strength and cardio health as a 2 hour bootcamp-style workout – in under 30 minutes, and far safer! 
  • Walk out into the world with a confident glow that comes from holistic health! 
  • Feel energized again from morning till night. 
  • Be able to enjoy a challenging, creative and fun fitness practice that will grow with you for a lifetime. 
  • A personal 30 day fitness program
  • A collection of 30 videos! An holistic mix of  Empowering Yoga Shred™ Workouts and Cleansing, blissful Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga™ Flow Classes.
  • A Modifications and Variation Video for each new workout so you can master all the moves
  • Fantastic plant-Based TBT30 Recipes 
  • A TBT30 Challenge Calendar to keep you on track with what to do each day.
  • Lifetime Access! The whole TBT30 Challenge Program is yours for life.
  • … a yoga practitioner who wants to optimize your cardio fitness and lean muscle definition in ways yoga alone can’t. 
  • … a strong-ish beginner and up, looking for fun, empowering – and compact – workouts to add to your weekly routine. 
  • … seeking the best possible fitness results in the least amount of time. Thanks, Science! 
  • … somebody who hates aggressive, too-hard and too-long workouts, but want to develop the same amount of lean muscle, bone strength, and cardio endurance/energy in a more nurturing way!


A one-time payment, and the course is your to keep forever and come back to any time you want.
Normally $98 – Use coupon code SP30DYSC for 50% Off
I can’t wait to get you moving! 
Let’s do this!!


Q: How much time commitment does this course require?
A: As much or as little time as you want to spend. The course is self-guided and you have access to it forever. No time limit to complete! Plus can do it over and over for as many times as you like!
Q: High Intensity Interval Training sounds really hard and even aggressive. Is it?
A: There’s a big difference between being challenging, at your current fitness level, and being brutal, as so much fitness is out there today. The Yoga Shred® is based on yoga always empowering, mindful, and nurturing – never overwhelming or too hard, you can start from where you are and manage your own level of intensity through modifications and the ability to back off or rest whenever needed. Plus, each Shred only lasts between 2-4 minutes so most people can rock these – even in a chair!
Q: Is there a time limit to complete the course?
A: No, you can start and work through your course any time you want,

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